We sell a range of cycling products (see the list below) – our main brand is Swift Carbon. Swift is a young and ambitious brand – that make sharp looking bikes that punch well above their weight. The bikes get awesome reviews too. Check here and here.

Check out the range here. Prices start from 3500 RMB


Why buy a bike from Serk ?

When you buy a new bike from us we provide professional advice.  So many times in China customers are sold bikes which are the wrong size. This is unfortunate as it usually means it will be very difficult to obtain an optimum position on the bike and  the rider is likely to be uncomfortable in the saddle often and be subject to pain in various body parts.

We have a lot of experience selling bikes and go to great lengths to ensure our customers are properly set up and comfortable. The process starts with measuring up your body to find a frame, stem and handlebar that is the best fit for you. Once you come in to collect the bike we will set up your position on the bike including seat height and fore/aft position and shoe/cleat position. After riding for a few weeks if you have any issues with our set up you are welcome to come back and discuss with us – in some cases we have swapped parts over (e.g. different length stem or seat) to ensure the rider is comfortable and efficient. This is all included in the cost of the bike and we believe is the most important aspect of buying a new bike. Forget about a few grams difference in weight between brands or the brand name on the stem – fit is the most important.

We’ve ridden lots of different bikes, groupsets, wheels,  and accessories and tried many brands of clothing and shoes. We have opinion on product based on these experiences and we share this knowledge with our customers. Our approach is very honest – we don’t always recommend the highest priced products, we recommend what you need and what we think is the best value for performance and also which parts and accessories are well serviced in China.

Once you’ve come into the shop and we’ve measured you up we show you through the range of bikes we stock and discuss the advantages of each model and establish a ball park budget. We can sell you an off the shelf bike or we can then completely customise your ride to give you exactly what you want (most of our sales are customised). We can also take you through this process with images and chat via we chat if you are too busy to drop by.

So if you are in the market for a new bike or parts come in and chat with us. Some of the product we stock we sell at similar prices to online stores so don’t hesitate to ask us for a price while you are shopping around.

All the parts we sell are genuine and have warranties. We go to great lengths to ensure that any faulty products are repaired or replaced in case of problems. This is very important in China as there are fakes in the market and many subsidiaries of the big brands will only service / warranty product purchased in China through authorised dealers (e.g. Shimano, Garmin).

So come in and check out our shop, we’re sure you will walk away satisfied.

Some of the brands we sell

Park Tool
Finish Line
Sea Sucker