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If you'd like to be fit for life's adventures, you've come to the right place.

Although I have had extensive experience with writing training programs with success (US National Title in collegiate rowing included) and coaching high-level athletes, what makes my approach unique is the athletic mindset. Or rather, I coach the athlete, not the training program.

Being an athlete doesn't mean you have to compete or be "talented". It simply means you have an outcome you'd like to arrive at in the sport (for an event, adventures or for life), and you'd like to get there with grace, precision and keep at it for the rest of your life.

My role is to help you do what you love in a methodical, intelligent and sustainable way.


Levels of athletes:

  • Fit for life - you want to feel good and keep riding your bike(s) forever;
  • Fit for performance - you want to be competitive in your racing event or you have certain performance goals (FTP wattage, finishing time and etc.);
  • Fit for frontiers - you want to go to the next level and experience nirvana;

Coaching Program Structure:

  • The coaching program centers on making cycling a lifestyle: it doesn't require doing it in excess but requires the discipline to complete your training purposefully day in and day out;
  • The training program has an end-goal for each season/training cycling - it can be a big event such as the Yunnan Gran Fondo or the Transcontinental Race or just your fitness goal of becoming a better version of yourself - we identify it at the beginning of the season/year;
  • For any given athlete, there will be a 4-week general preparation phase to transition into the more structured training phase - this may require some specific core strength building/strength work;
  • Depending on your fitness foundation coming prior to the training program, we move into a 12-week base phase where you build a platform of fitness on which your future training can progress from. The base-phase is also a time when sound pedaling mechanic and functional strength and flexibilities are built;
  • We will then have an 8-week build phase that directs your fitness in a more specific direction catered to your target event/race/adventure;
  • Lastly, you enter a 4-week specific phase where the training is directly pointing at your target event, a taper will also be in this phase depending on the duration/intensity of the target event;
  • Through each 4-week training cycle, a fitness test will be conducted to assess where your fitness is.

Coaching Deliverables: 

  • Goal setting session - season/annual planning session at the beginning of the training year;
  • Unlimited training program adjustment and email/wechat feedback;
  • Unlimited email/wechat interaction;
  • Mindset coaching not only for your goal event but for your longevity in the sport.

Pricing Structure:

  • 1000 RMB/month (1-month demo, afterward, at least 6 months committed)
  • Coaching is about fit - in order for us to work together and see if we fit with each other, I offer you a demo month at 800 RMB to feel each other out;
  • If you like the way I coach and I feel I can coach you, we go ahead for the rest of the season; if it doesn't work out, no hard feelings.

Early Investments:

  • Fit for life -
    • an online log where you can keep track of your training, and shareable with me;
    • a functional phone to communicate with me;
  • Fit for performance -
    • subscription to Traineroad Training App (100 USD/year or 12 USD/month) - all training planning, data collection, feedback and etc are done through the platform;
    • a power-meter on your bike;
    • access to an indoor cycling trainer;
  • Fit for frontiers -
    • talk to me and we figure it out.

Coach JJ:

  • Coaching philosophy: I coach the athlete, not the training program; if you are motivated, I can help you get where you'd like to be - the outer edge of your current capability and within your current potential.
  • USCCE-NCACE accredited Level 5 coach (highest-level coaching accreditation in the US);
  • Years of experience in coaching endurance sports (rowing and cycling);
  • The only person who has Everested Mount Everest: read more here

Interest Form

  • If you are overseas, this is probably where we communicate the most frequently.
  • If you are in China, we use WeChat to communicate the most frequent.
  • What's your motivation? What's your goal(s) in life and racing? What makes you tick? What irritates you? What are you like under duress? What are the three most important things(or principles or values) in your life? Where do you see yourself athletically in 5 years? This is where I get to know more about you before I pick up the phone and give you a ring.
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