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Serk has moved from our old location in Beixinqiao. We are now setting up a new shop at YongheJiaYuan which is very close to Lama Temple and the South Gate of Ditan Park. While we are renovating we are only open by appointment. We are here most of the time and  available so just call us, send us a message on we chat or email us if you’d like to visit.

Yong He Jia Yuan, Art Space 1, Building 3, 3 Dongbinhe lu, Andingmen, Dong Cheng District Beijing.

北京市东城区安定门东滨河3号雍和家园3号楼 雍和空间1号(雍和宫桥东北角),雍和宫桥下往北上辅路,过桥往东下河边路,300米看到塞尚图文往前一点左转,左手的楼就是, 往前开看到消防队和车库入口,我们工作室就在车库入口旁边,雍和空间1号。如果您开车可以直接开到地下车库停车。  电话:13501225775 或13426474634,  或微信联系)





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English – +86 13426474634
中文 – +86 13501225775

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We respond very quickly to messages on Wechat so if you are interested in any of our events / rides / trips or are looking for some bike products don’t hesitate to we chat us.



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