Radium 50

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An all round hi-performance set of racing wheels. Incredibly lively and fast in the sprint, they punch through the air in the break and help climb with ease. Whatever your discipline, the R50 Radiums maximise your performance.

Manufactured using special proprietary Glide Tech technology.

  • Fiber optic imaging is used to ensure that the internal rim is free from molding material and other contaminants.
  • Radial and lateral offset are matched to our proprietary hubset by using fully automated “true angle” equipment.
  • Result: True “direct-pull” spokes for reduced fatigue at the carbon rim/nipple and nipple/spoke interfaces.
  • Analogue – Digital build: Hand laced on the finest German P&K Lie truing equipment, then micro-adjusted to an even
    higher degree of accuracy on digital Holland Mechanics Pro-Truer analyzer equipment.
  • Each spoke/nipple is glued, ensuring that the wheel remains accurately trued and balanced.
  • 100 % Hand built from start to finish.

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Compatible with : Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo

Rim Fiish : 3K Matt carbon

Wheelset weight : 1360g

Rim Material : High-Mod Carbon Blend

Rim Depth: 50 mm

Rim Width (interior) : 8 mm

Rim Width (exterior) : 21 mm

Spokes : Sapim C-Xray Bladed Black

Max Spoke Tension : 350 kg/f (Front and Rear)

Front Wheel Pattern : 20 Spoke Radial

Rear Wheel Pattern : 24 Spoke / Radial NDS / 2 – Cross DS

Braking surface : Basalt / Carbon Weave

Hubs : SWIFT Axis

Bearings : SKF

Q/R : Titanium Axle / Carbon Lever

Accessories : Swift Wheel Bag, Valve Extender, Proprietary Brake Pads, Extra Spokes


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