Ride Mar 5th – Ming Tombs Bury Yourself

This Saturdays ride is around the Ming Tombs. The ‘bury yourself’ title is squarely aimed at the Elite riders who will have a fun little challenge to motivate them to dig a little deeper. For the Beginners and Intermediate group we’ve set up two fun routes to expose you to some of the nice back roads in the area and some Great Wall and Ming Tomb sightseeing.
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Departure Time :
07.30 Serk.  Arrive at 07.15 am to load bikes
Return Time : 15:15 Serk
1. Beginner – 44km 600m Climbing
This route has more downhill than uphill – a beginners dream !
To facilitate this we will drive you up the first hill (self drive included) and drop you off at the top to make the first part of your ride more enjoyable. But don’t worry you will encounter some hills soon. Its hard work climbing when you are new to cycling but it won’t be long before you are climbing with ease if you commit to riding hills regularly. For some variety the route takes in a nice quiet and twisty backroad which is the same road that the Elite and Intermediate riders will travel along so we expect some interaction on this part of the ride. The best is saved to last – a long downhill all the way to the Ming Tombs carpark. We will have maps for you to follow and with about 3.5 hours allocated ride time you have plenty of time to enjoy the ride at your own pace.
Ride leader : Liman
Average Speed : 15 km/h – 20 km/h
This ride is recommended for all new beginner riders. If you find the pace too slow next week you can move to the Intermediate Group. Its much better to start out on the easier ride and then move up rather than start on the faster ride and find yourself getting dropped and left behind.



2. Intermediate – 58 km 1257m Climbing
Back roads, back roads and a few climbs to kick off the climbing season.
We start at the Ming Tombs car park with a little section over the cobbles before slowly starting to climb the backside of the Ming Tombs climb. This first climb is followed by a reasonably straight descent where you can pick up some speed.  Keep that speed in check as you’ll need to slow down for the left turn onto the small back road in front of the school. Follow this road with a short sharp climb through a village and down through a tunnel to meet up with the main S212 climb. This climb is longest of the day but has some nice switchbacks to break it up. A short descent, another short climb and then we head off the main road again along a quiet connecting road.  The road travels through a tidy little village at which point you turn left onto a narrow concrete road and begin climbing around the side of Dasha Mountain. The twists and turns of this road are the perfect for cycling and by the time you’re deep into the forest Beijing city will feel 1000’s of km away. The descent from the top is pretty fast – take care on the concrete road – its rough. Thankfully it only lasts a few km’s till you hit the main road and smooth tarmac which you will enjoy  all the way back to the Ming Tombs carpark. The Elite riders will be riding the same route but they will be adding on some ‘out and back’ climbs on the side of the route. If you’d like to ride longer or push yourself some more you can join them for a few climbs – see the rules below.


Ride leader : Morten
Average Speed : 20 km/h – 25 km/h
This ride is recommended for all Intermediate riders. If you find the pace too slow next week you can move to the Elite Group. Its much better to start out on the easier ride and then move up rather than start on the faster ride and find yourself getting dropped and left behind.

3. Elite – 58 – 87 km  1264 – 2210m Climbing
Bury yourself around the Ming Tombs or cruise – the choice is yours.
The ride follows the same route as the Intermediate ride but adds on 5 extra mini climbs to extend the distance by 29km. These extra climbs are ‘out and back’ climbs and end up as dead ends. The idea is to give those riders that want an extra workout the opportunity to bury themselves up these climbs while those that prefer to cruise can just go part way up climb and turn back or skip it altogether,  keep riding and wait for the group to catch up again.
To make it a little more fun and challenging we are offering a prize for the rider that completes the longest distance on this ride. To ensure that everyone rides a different distance the first person to reach the end of the climb turns around and starts to comes back immediately. On the way back when he or she meets another rider that rider must also turn around and head back down the climb even if they didn’t reach the end. So effectively everyone will ride a different distance for the day. The most consistent climber will ride the longest distance, win the prize and bragging rights for the day.  Between the ‘out and back’ climbs the pace will be steady and the group should stay together and enjoy a group riding experience.
There are quite a few strong riders over 45 years old so we will also throw in a prize for the over 45 rider that rides the longest distance using the same system above.
This is going to be a fun and challenging format and we are looking forward to watching the Stava flyby afterward . I’m sure that there will be some that really bury themselves on this ride. Serk will consider building the 14th Ming Tomb in your honour.
Ride leader : Shannon
Average Speed : 25 km/h – 30 km/h
This ride is recommended for all Elite riders only. The pace will be pretty fast and on the flat parts of the course we will ride together as a bunch so the km pass quickly. The group will wait at the top of the climbs and regroup for the descents. If you are not sure of your fitness or endurance then please do not join this group. Instead go with the intermediate group and as your fitness improves later in the season join the Elite ride group.
Every rider is required to read and accept this waiver by clicking on “yes” in the form above before participating in a Serk Ride.
Self Drive
The start and finish point is the Ming Tombs Carpark in Changping. Approximately 1hour – 54km from Euro Plaza Shunyi or 47km from Serk.
If you have already signed up for a multi-ride pass you don’t need make any additional payment for this ride. If you haven’t you can sign up for a multi-ride pass here or just purchase a 1 ride pass for the day. Our vehicles have limited seats so preference first goes to multi-ride pass holders and then those that pre-pay the 1 ride pass.
To pre-pay on Wechat please extract the following QR Code by pressing on it using your smartphone and then select “Extract QR code” You will be taken to a we chat payment page to make the 350 RMB payment.

For self-drive please extract the following QR Code by pressing on it using your smartphone and then select “Extract QR code” You will be taken to a we chat payment page to make the 50 RMB payment.
Cancellation / Refund AQI Policy
Please read our Cancellation / Refund AQI Policy Carefully here.
Once you have signed up for the ride we will add you to special group chat for the Saturday ride. Here you will be able to see which of your friends have already signed up plus we will release the route GPX files and detailed route instructions here. During the ride we will use this group for communication and also its the place you can share photos post ride.