Ride 42


freeze your arse off

Serk Cycling Beijing


A/B : 75km
C : 60km


A/B : 672m
C: 416m


A : 4/5
B : 4/5
C : 3/5


Saturday Dec 08
Check-in : 09:00
Depart Serk : 09:30
Arrive Start : 10:30
Return Earliest : 14:00
Return Latest : 16:30



Ok its getting cold and this is probably the last week that anyone requests a ride. We've suitably named the ride "Freeze Your Arse Off". So be warned. Last week was still fine so a few degrees less this Saturday will be doable and definitely more badass.

Wear the right clothes and you will be fine. Read carefully - full winter gloves, a proper winter jacket or multiple layers with some wind profness, decent shoe covers (wrap your socks in tin foil before you put your feet into your shoes for some extra warmth), a cap to cover your ears and some decent winter tights to keep the legs warm. We still have some winter items in the shop if you need them.

Rides starts near Huairou and ride towards Mutianyu and do an easy loop around the area. The combined A/B group will do a little climb towards Huanghua Cheng with a short descent followed by fast flat roads back.

Please note there will be no ride leader for C group so make sure you can navigate yourself.

And note the later start time. Check in at Serk at 9am.


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