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The Chairman Mao

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Thursday July 13
21.00 Serk


Beijing City

Chairman Mao was the hero behind China’s original biking boom when he championed the bicycle as the vehicle of choice for the nation, so there’s no doubt he’d be proud of the colourful two-wheelers currently swarming on Beijing’s streets, thanks to the shared bike revolution.

To honour the Chairman’s astute choice of transportation, we’re holding a special shared bike team sprint event along Chang’an Jie, passing under his iconic portrait that fronts the Forbidden City.

Serk and Time Out present: The Chairman Mao Shared Bike Sprint


Thursday July 13th


Chang’an Jie Beijing


A 3-person team event, racing along Chang’an Jie on shared bikes.
How does it work?

There is a segment called the “Chairman’s Choice” which runs from west to east along the front of the Forbidden City. Each team has a designated sprinter who carries a Garmin device on their bike to record their speed over the segment. Teams will set out from our base (a local cafe) at intervals of 5 minutes and have 2 attempts to get their fastest time. Riders come back to the base and upload Garmin data, and the fastest sprinter’s team will be declared the winner.

What do you win?

The winning team gets fame, glory, bragging rights and a golden bust of Chairman Mao!

How to register?

1. Fill in the registration form below.  Lets us know your preferred shared bike (you will be responsible for renting them) and the name of your team and members.

3. There can only be one team per shared bike type. Each rider must ride the same bike model (i.e. original mobike team or Ofo fat bike team). Teams will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There are many Ofo and mobike models so its possible to register a few different Mo and Ofo teams. There are also tons of other share bikes - gold, rainbow, green, blue etc etc..

4. Send us a picture of the type of shared bike you will use in the group chat for the event.

5. Send us the 50RMB entry fee for each rider which must be processed when you fill in the registration form below

6. Start practicing your lead out!

7. Think about how to modify your bike (aerobars, clipless pedals and other gadgets are all permitted).

8. work out how to attach your Garmin to your bike (we will need this for recording the segment).

Timeline on the day

21.00 Meet at Serk Shop for UCI check of your bike

21.15 Ride to secret base location near Forbidden City together

22.00 Event starts; each team will leave the secret location at intervals of 3 minutes. Ride the segment in your best time and return to the secret location to upload your Garmin data

23.30 Results announced and podium presentation


You are encouraged to wear full kit – lycra, helmet, glasses, shoes, the lot. We want you to look as pro as possible, and the best way to look pro? Wear a Serk jersey! Free beer at Serk to kick off the night if you are wearing a Serk jersey.

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Ride Registration