MeWe Bicycle Festival

In 2013 we partnered up 700bike.com and DMG and create the MeWe bicycle festival. The event was part of a larger sports festival to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games and was commissioned by BODA (Beijing Olympic Development Authority).

MeWe was all about promoting a new cycling culture – ME as an individual have the chance to chance my transport device to something more sustainable and WE collectively can make a better city if we ride together !

The event consisted of an exhibition of 20 interesting bikes  (5 of which came from SERK’s new collection of Italian vintage bikes), a Bike Polo exhibition game and JISU PK competition.

The first 2 days of the event were great. We were visited by the former Vice Mayor of Beijing Liu Jingmin who is a big bicycle fan and is now the head of BODA. Our friends over at UCC bicycle also organized a ride with 900 riders around Olympic Park. Quite an impressive feat for Thursday afternoon on 35 degree day.

Enjoy the photos below courtesy of Mathias Magg, Xiaoma and Xiaohu

Thanks to Natooke, Lao Yu, Xiao Ma, Sang Kai and Zhang Xiang Dong for loaning their beautiful bikes for the exhibition.




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