2015 Tibet Cycling Trip review.

13 days, 600km, 6449m of climbing, 10 towns and many many Dali bars later we made it back to Beijing. What an amazing experience we had in Tibet. Great weather and a fabulous group of riders made it truly ‘an adventure of a lifetime’. Below we share some images and comments from the trip. If you are interested in attending a future trip please register your interest via this page.


Serk ’15 tibet bike tour was superb, Liman and Shannon did an outstanding job in preparing and arranging the many details, that made it a safe and enjoyable adventure. Bike riding was  awesome as well as discovering Tibetan people and Budhist religion. I recommend joining Serk tours. Pierre


This trip was better than I even expected.  I have never done a cycling trip like this before but I can’t think of a better way to experience Tibet.  Pedaling through old towns, greeting locals, riding along side the Yarlung river with mountains towering beside you and powering through long, steep climbs to get breathtaking views at the top that made all the struggle worth it. Dave


Shannon and Liman made it not just possible but extremely pleasant to cycle in some of the most beautiful and rural parts of the world. They are great in organizing and scheduling the rides as well as responding to uncontrollable changes. There was a great mix of riding V.S. sightseeing and I wish these 13 days never had to end! Shirley