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We are a small boutique brand and we chose to base ourselves in Asia.
Why?  We believe that Asian manufacturing is world class and the sky is the limit. New frontiers in manufacturing are beginning to be pushed in Asia and we want to be in the thick of it.
After 10+ years in the industry here we have the first hand experience to select the best partners to produce world class product.


All of our bikes are painted by Kong2 Studio in China. The artisan behind the spray gun is developing a reputation as one of the best painters in Asia. He is regularly painting custom builds for the Asian customers of the likes of Stelbel, Tomii and Equilibrium cycles. Sammy’s work has a high level of craftsmanship and he uses only the best equipment and raw materials (including the more enivronmentally friendly water based paints from the German Spies Hecker brand). We are excited to collaborate with a world class studio and look forward to pushing design frontiers with Sammy into the future. Check out his work on instagram @kong2studio.




The titanium frame manufacturer we work with has over 30 years experience in building titanium bikes. It’s the oldest and biggest in the region and has built over 50,000 frames in the past decades.
That depth of experience is invaluable when developing new product and provides an amazing platform for future innovation.

Contrary to old stereotypes of Asian factories this is no sweatshop with horrible working conditions.
Many of the employees ride themselves and the management of the factory have been investing in building cycling culture at the grassroots for over 30 years. The latest contribution is a 20,000m indoor BMX and pump track facility adjacent to the factory primed for lunch break mischief.


It’s pretty easy these days as a small brand to simply use an open mould and slap your brand name on it. At Serk we wanted to develop our own DNA from day 1, that's why we created geometry unique to our brand. For the A30, we collaborated with Dutch design firm Are-n-dee to help us develop the ideal geometry. Are-n-dee have collaborated with a range of top level brands and besides they are dutch - so know a thing or two about bikes.


All Road Silver Bullet

Offroad Anywhere Bike


Classic Road Bike