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We spend countless hours fussing over the small and not so small details of our bikes. In our 10+ years of running a bike shop in China our eyes are wide open to the small details that can make or break a bike. Our experience riding the frontiers on top notch kit and our own prototype bikes has also helped us form a clear set of principles that shape our design decisions.


Before we started our own bike brand we ran a bike shop for almost a decade. Nothing irked us more than proprietary parts with unique sizing to push the latest marginal gain. After a few years it can be hard to source replacements and after a decade or so you can completely forget it. Something as simple as an odd shaped seatpost can render an older bike completely obsolete. What a waste in so many ways.

Our bikes are designed for life. We chose titanium as a material for its longevity and we carefully consider the specs on our bikes with the same philosophy. Everything on our bike is a standard size and commonly available. In a decade if you need a new headset, seatpost or bottom bracket for your Serk bike it will be easy to source. Even our forks have a number of different aftermarket options available with the same critical dimensions making them some of the easiest to come by wherever you are exploring.

This approach to bike design is not only smart but it is also responsible. We've designed a timeless bike that will last and give back for decades to come.

That's how it should be.




Our A10 and A30 bikes were designed with both speed and comfort in mind. The natural vibration dampening characteristics of titanium provide noticeable improvement in comfort over carbon frames. More comfort equals less fatigue and for us this reduced fatigue more than compensates for the weight gains inherent in a titanium frame.

We also wanted to provide you with the best opportunity to ride fast by allowing for a more aggressive position than is typical of titanium bikes which which often have optimised geometry design for endurance riding. Our stack heights across the road range are reasonably low allowing you to still remain low on the bike to reduce your frontal area and help maximise speed.


We put our bikes through rigorous testing out in the real world on the frontiers.  There are no testing jigs, wind tunnels or computer simulations out there. Where the real pioneering adventure lies you need your rig to be 100% reliable and smartly designed so you can spend maximum time adventuring and minimum time fussing about with your bike.

We’ve exhausted ourselves with a mini pump trying to seat a tubeless tyre on a tight rim at 4500m in the Himalaya and we’ve scoured outpost vehicle repair shops for a broken seat binder bolt.  All of these experiences inform our bike design and component choices and inspire you with confidence that our bikes are ready for real adventure.


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