Chew the fat with us :

We are no longer a traditional bike store and are now operating as a brand. Our brand display space is located at 46 Fangjia Hutong and you are welcome to come in, say hello and check out our bikes and kit.

Please contact us before you come to make sure we are around. We are usually open from 10.30 - 19.30 but are often closed on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY.

To make an appointment just call us, send us a message on wechat (serkshop) or email us.

E312 46 Fangjia Hutong Dong Cheng District Beijing

北京市东城区安定门街道方家胡同46号 E312



Contact someone here directly :

Sales / Service / Visit Shop
Enquires in regards to sales and service contact Xi on the Serkshop phone.

WeChat ID : Serkshop
Ph. 18811103944

Serk Weekend Rides / Ride Pass
Contact Ian on the Serkride phone for info on weekend rides and the maximum of beers you can drink the night before a ride and still enjoy the ride.

WeChat ID : serkadmin
Ph. 13269760236

Serk Adventures
Prices, itinerary, dates, how many pairs of undies to pack contact Liman. Got an idea for a new exotic riding locale - tell her about it. She might even invite you along for route scouting.

WeChat ID : liman_zhao
Ph. 13501225775

Serk Titanium Bikes

Call Xi for info, prices and general banter about the Serk Titanium bikes. Come over and take one for a ride.

WeChat ID : Serkshop
Ph. 18811103944


Media / Business Development / International
Call Shannon for collaborations, business development, media and if everyone else above is not responding. If you'd like to waste an afternoon talking bikes / cycling and China invite him out for coffee or better still tee up a ride.

WeChat ID : serkcycling
Ph. +86 13426474634


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