Chew the fat with us :

Yong He Jia Yuan, Art Space 1, Building 3, 3 Dongbinhe lu, Andingmen, Dong Cheng District Beijing.

北京市东城区安定门东滨河3号雍和家园3号楼 雍和空间1号

during the following hours  10:30 - 19:30
We are often closed on Monday and Tuesday.

It is also sometimes possible to visit outside these hours so give us a buzz if you are in the area.

To make an appointment just call us, send us a message on wechat (serkshop) or email us. During the business hours above we are almost always here. Our space is 5 levels and has multiple doors so you'll need to get in contact with us when you arrive so we can unlock the door and let you. It's a little difficult to find the front door so check out the images below before you come.

北京市东城区安定门东滨河3号雍和家园3号楼 雍和空间1号(雍和宫桥东北角),雍和宫桥下往北上辅路,过桥往东下河边路,300米看到塞尚图文往前一点左转,左手的楼就是, 往前开看到消防队和车库入口,我们工作室就在车库入口旁边,雍和空间1号。如果您开车可以直接开到地下车库停车。 电话:13501225775 或13426474634, 或微信联系)

Contact someone here directly :

Sales / Service / Visit Shop
Enquires in regards to sales and service contact Alf on the Serkshop phone. For generic cycling tech questions like how to change a tube please seek advice from Google or members on one of our WeChat groups.

WeChat ID : Serkshop
Ph. 13720093767

Serk Weekend Rides / Ride Pass
Contact JJ on the Serkride phone for info on weekend rides and the maximum of beers you can drink the night before a ride and still enjoy the ride.

WeChat ID : serkadmin
Ph. 13269760236

Serk Adventures
Prices, itinerary, dates, how many pairs of undies to pack contact Liman. Got an idea for a new exotic riding locale - tell her about it. She might even invite you along for route scouting.

WeChat ID : liman_zhao
Ph. 13501225775

Serk Titanium Bikes

Call Shannon for info, prices and general banter about the Serk Titanium bikes. Come over and take one for a ride.

WeChat ID : serkcycling
Ph. +86 13426474634

Media / Business Development
Call Shannon for collaborations, business development, media and if everyone else above is not responding. If you'd like to waste an afternoon talking bikes / cycling and China invite him out for coffee or better still tee up a ride.

WeChat ID : serkcycling
Ph. +86 13426474634

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