Ride 17

Mentougou for a meal

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 108km
B : 85km
C : 51km


A : 2000m
B : 1358m
C : 0700m


A : 4/5
B : 3/5
C : 2/5


Saturday Aug 15th
Check-in : 13:30
Depart Serk : 14:00
Arrive Start : 15:00
Return Earliest : 21:30
Return Latest : 22:30



This is our last in the series of summer late afternoon rides followed by a group meal. They are far more relaxed than our usual rides and quite a bit more social so come and give it a go before!

We will meet at our usual location in the city early afternoon and then drive out to Mentougou and start riding each of the routes. The course will direct you back to restaurant. As riders arrive hand off your bike for us to load while you go inside and start eating. By the time all the A riders are back bikes should be all loaded and stomachs full! By the time we drive back the traffic will have reduced significantly so it will be an efficient drive back.

For self drivers the start and finish point will be different. We will keep an eye on your bike at the dinner location and after you can ride back to the start point to collect your car.

A group should bring lights incase you run out of daylight (just ask Roel what happened last week!)

We will 'go dutch' with the dinner.


A route goes over Tangwanglu and then up Miafengshan
B route goes over Tangwanglu and then up to Dongfanghong tunnel
C route is a nice route around Tangzhesi

Time Line

13:30 Meet at Yonghejiyuan and load bikes
14:00 Depart
15:00 Arrive Mentougou
15:30 Ride starts
19:00 - 20:00 Arrive back in Mentougou at restaurant
19:00 Meal
20:00 Depart for Beijing
21:00 Arrive back in city

Ride Registration Full