Emergency Contact Band

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Unfortunately cycling has its dangers. We are often riding on the same roads as cars and trucks and flying downhill at speeds over 50 km/h with just a foam lid on our heads and a few mm of lycra protecting our skin. Many riders will be involved in accidents at some point or another - unfortunately its a given.
Riding in China also has its own unique risks for foreigners - lack of language skills makes communication difficult and most hospitals will not provide any emergency support till insurance or credit card details are provided.

We've organised the printing of ID bands which you can wear on your wrist while you cycle or even when you are running or walking.
In the case you have an accident and cannot function normally the band provides emergency details which could be a lifesaver.
All the proceeds from the sale of the band will be donated to the Masaka Cycling Club

Here is a sample


Product Description

Band material

Belt- rubber, durable and easily clean

Plate- stainless steel


Color options

Black or Masaka Orange 


Delivery time

2 weeks after we collect the group order


Customised information

Each band has your personal details on it. The details are engraved on the plate for durability. A serk logo and Masaka logo will be engraved on the band clasp.


What information should I write?

What you print on each line is up to you. See the image below for a sample of what we suggest you print



Some other design suggestions

The 6th line is blank and up to you. You can write your own text in there. Here are a few suggestions based on what others have written in the past :

Your preferred hospital

Your insurance policy number

Allergies/ medications in Chinese

Blood type

Ride to live

Pause my strava

Save my bike first

How to order an emergency contact band?

Please fill in your details below. If you select shipment then please fill in your shipping address OR you can pick it up from us.  Payment can be made in WeChat or Alipay.

About Masaka Cycling Club

Masaka Cycling Club is an amatuer cycling team based in Masaka District, Southern Uganda. The club is primarily a humanitarian project funded by the Global Cycling Community. The youth of Masaka are based in a very poor region and require both financial and equipment support to allow them to chase their dreams and showcase their talents to the world. The Serk community in Beijing have been providing financial and equipment support since 2020. www.masakacyclingclub.com


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