Beijing Sportive 186km / 116km Team Serk Report



On May 7th  25 Serk riders participated in 186km / 116km Beijing Sportive. We’ve been participating in the event since its started in 2014 and have been big fans. The event is always well run and best of all it gives a great opportunity to challenge your own limits and ride with a big group of riders.

This year the Serk ride program has been focussed on gradually building riders fitness levels and providing some challenges to test fitness.

The results from last weekend were pretty impressive.


  • 2 Serk riders were the fastest to finish the overall event
  • Serk had the second fastest female rider
  • 50% of the top 10 fastest finishers were Serk Riders
  • 70% of all Serk riders were in the top 35
  • Serk Holmes Team was the fastest overall


  • Fastest female
  • 3 female in the top 5

Along with these impressive stats were a number of excellent efforts by some new riders to make the distance and finish there longest ride ever – Congratulations to all involved !

Its been great to see so many riders progress so far this year and we are very proud to have one of the fittest and fastest cycling clubs in Beijing.

We are always welcoming to new riders so if you’d like to join a dynamic club and improve your cycling we are ready to help you out !


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