Serk Cycling Beijing

Beijing is one of Asia's best kept cycling secrets. Mountains on three sides of the city trap Beijing's notorious air, but drive over the first mountain range and cycling heaven awaits—so too does better air and blue skies. Out here, high above the city, lies thousands of kilometres of quiet, snaking mountain roads to rival the best cycling destinations in the world.

Don't believe us? Spend a weekend here riding. We promise you'll be totally blown away!

We've been riding these roads for 10 years and this hotel-to-hotel, fully supported weekend riding trip explores the best Beijing has to offer. Expect stunning scenery, big climbs, adventurous back roads and of course, coffee stops and some great local restaurants.

3 days

2 riding days


up to 350 km


up to 4500 m 


Beijing China

Day 1.


Flying/Taking the high-speed train to Beijing, we'll settle you in at the hotel in Beijing. Get a good night of sleep and get ready for two big days in Beijing's mountains! 

1000 km - 4000 km

0 m - 10,000 m


Day 2.

Huai Rou - Miyun

Today we meet at Serk and drive out to Huairou. The route takes in some of the most beautiful geography Beijing has to offer. We'll ride up through the spectacular Baihe Valley, known among local Beijing riders as the "100km natural art gallery" for its incredible views. We'll follow a perfect, smooth and virtually carless road that snakes its way up the white cliffs lining the valley, before finishing off in Huairou for a well earned feast at one of Beijing's best-loved eateries, specialising in Sichuan food. We'll spend the night at one of Miyun's local four-star hotels. 





The roads and terrain are so good here. We'd even consider Beijing for a team training camp.

Dan Martin  |  Team Garmin Sharp 2014 tour of beijing

Day 3.


A local loop that is famed for its scenery around the Miyun reservoir. We will take in a few back roads where you'll be lucky to catch a glimpse of car. After the ride, we will eat up, go back to the hotel and get you to the airport/train station while you are contemplating when is the next time you are visiting Beijing.