Live music at serk – Bellman

Norwegian Band Bellman dropped in to serk the other day for a coffee and a chat. They flew over to China as a headline act in the national Dreamer Festival, only to find the festival was pulled by the Government censors at the last minute. They love bikes and our space, and before the end of the coffee we had schemed up the idea to have a spontaneous gig at the bar. So come and check them out THIS FRIDAY night from 9.30 pm, October 5th. The music is awesome, the guys are great and the gig will rock. It’s free so bring everyone you know and let’s rock the house.

Bellman is a Norwegian alternative singer/songwriter whose debut album, Mainly Mute, was a breakout hit in 2009, gaining critical accolades and featuring the popular single “Spaceship, Move Slow”. Born Arne-Johan Rauan and hailing from Larvik, Norway, the singer/songwriter cites influences that include contemporary experimental rock bands such as Sigur Rós and Radiohead; classic pop/rock bands such as The Beach Boys and The Beatles; alternative rock bands of the ’90s such as Mercury Rev and Slowdive; and Swedish talents such as Stina Nordenstam. 
Upon signing a recording contract with C+C Records and collaborating with producer Lars Klokkerhaug, Bellman made his album debut in 2009 with Mainly Mute. The album spawned a couple of singles, “Spaceship, Move Slow” and “Celestine”, the first of which, originally released in 2008, proved especially popular. Thanks in part to generally enthusiastic critical reviews, Mainly Mute reached the Top Ten (No. 6) of the Norwegian albums chart. The in-concert recording Live at Sliperiet (2009) was released in the immediate wake of Mainly Mute’s critical and commercial success, with only a month’s time separating the two albums.