Bike Fitting Services with guest expert Radek Valenta

SERK is very happy to announce that our good friend Radek Valenta is planning a visit to Beijing this October. He is a coach and bike fit guru from Australia with worldwide experience and an excellent Palmares.

Radek has over 30 years experience in the sports industry. He gained his knowledge and as a Professional and Olympic cyclist, as a coaching on four continents, and training in science testing, bike fitting and biomechanical analysis at the Australian Institute of Sport.

He will visit Beijing in October and provide fitting and biomechanical analysis sessions at SERK.

Radek will provide the following services for each client ;

Aerodynamic Analysis
Flexibility Analysis
Core Stabilization
Handlebar Reach
Power Transfer
Saddle Comfort
Seat Height
Pedalling Efficiency
Cleat Position
The focus of the fit is to deliver  your ideal power economy and comfort. This is provided by a combining  optimal riding position,correct cycle shoe cleat placement, pedalling technique and correct cadence delivered by the technology of ZOOMINZONES Power Fitting System.

Radek can also provide Lactate testing services and coaching services. More info on his website here – http://www.zoominzones.com.au
Price – 1800 RMB

Dates : Oct 3rd – Oct 10th.

To book please email bikes[at]serkcycling.com