Bike Mechanic Course at Serk

Looking to take your bike skills to the next level ?

Every 6 months or so we organise a Bike Mechanic Course at Serk. Fill in the form below to express interest and we will let you know when the next course takes place.

Maintaining your own bike is a very satisfying experience. The only thing more satisfying is riding it when everything is just sweet. Gears change with precision, brakes are dialed in, hubs are greased up and rims are running true – two wheeled bliss !

With some training, practice and home mechanic tools pretty much anyone can work on a bike !
To help you get there Serk’s mechanic Jeff Trinh holds regular training coursea for bike repair.


Dates :


Dates & Agenda

All classes are on a Wednesday night – 7.30 pm – 9.30pm


Wednesday 28th May : Basic Installs (stem, bars, pedals, wheels, chains and cassettes)
Wednesday 4th June : Install and Adjustments (derailleurs)
Wednesday 11th June : Installs and Adjustments  (brakes & advanced derailleur problem solving)
Wednesday 17th June : Wheels – intro to wheel truing, cassette installation, bearing adjustments



Each 2 hour lesson is RMB 440.



The course will take place in the temporary Serk workshop located here.




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