Beijing 450

self supported bike race

Serk Cycling Beijing

450km in and around Beijing over the May holiday! This event is a self supported race designed to test your endurance over multiple days of riding. The rules are simple - ride on your own, follow the prescribed route and ensure you rest 7 hours between each stage.

This is your chance to get a mini taste of a multi-day ultra endurance cycling event.

May 2-5 2020

Starts Saturday
Ends When you finish but before 6pm on the 5th


Total : 450km


Endurance Race



Race Registration

Registration Fee:

  • 200 RMB

Registration includes:

  • Insurance
  • Route Planning




Each rider is responsible for their own safety and well being.

All riders must follow the road rules.

All riders must be self sufficient - no outside help or vehicle support is allowed

Riders must ride with adequate lighting at night - at least one rear light and one strong front light

Riders must not take unnecessary risks on the road during the event

Riders are responsible themselves for adequate hydration and food

Riders are required to rest at least 7 hours between each stage

Riders are to be aware that riding with extreme levels of tiredness is dangerous to themselves and other road users and should stop riding and rest if high levels of tiredness set in.

Riders are required to follow the designated GPS route

The start point is the 7-11 across from Great Leap in Liangmaqiao. To start your timing purchase something from 7-11 and obtain a receipt with a timestamp. Post a picture of the receipt in the group for the event. On your return at the end of stage do the same to record your finishing time.


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