Fire Cracker 400 Challenge


Results :

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.19.30 AM

Male – Highest km (1 pair of 25c Bontrager R3 tyres & 1 Bontrager multitool ) Sir Paul
Female – Highest km (1 pair of 25c Bontrager R3 tyres & 1 Bontrager multitool ) Dame Silke

Best Overall Photo – (Serk Jersey)
Banzaozhixiang for his photo of bike against a CNY decoration. Ban also gets major kudos for completing the F400 challenge on a mountain bike on his own – 549km in total.
Best Monkey Themed Cycling Photo – (Swift Nanopack & 1 Xingzhe Bike Computer)
Chas Pope for taking a stuffed monkey while actually cycling. Tilman was a close 2nd having a real monkey (but no cycling – sorry T)

Best Firecracker up the %^$% Photo (Serk Deluxe Tune Up & 1 Xingzhe Bike Computer)
Oliver in Yunnan with his interesting firecracker themed images. Also kuduos to Oliver who rode the 400km on his own in windy conditions in Yunnan at elevation !

For all those that made the 400 club you are welcome to come into Serk to collect your bottle or hat. Looking forward to next years event !

Event Info :

According to the Chinese calender today is officially the first day of Spring. In my books it’s not Spring till you can ride outside without long finger gloves. We certainly have a way to go before thats the case but it has certainly warmed up a few degrees in the last week. 

Spring Festival starts on Sunday so we are almost guaranteed blue skies and little traffic. Combined with the warmer “Spring” weather its already time to start riding outdoor. We’ve put together a little challenge to get you motivated and thrown in a few prizes to reward your efforts and creativity.

You’ve probably heard of the Strava Festive 500 challenge.  It’s simple – ride 500km between Christmas and New Year. Thanks to some inspiration from Travis we thought why not attempt a Chinese version – and hence the Firecracker 400 was born. Strava wasn’t interested in making our challenge official so we decided we’d just take it on ourselves. So here it is – 

Get a firecracker up your $^%& and ride 400km this Spring Festival !

To make it more fun Serk have organised rides on Sunday / Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday (more details soon) and we are offering a small prize (and bragging rights) for everyone that completes the challenge. For the hard core guys and gals we’ll have an extra prize for the longest total kms ridden in the period. And some prizes for the best photos for everyone else. And the best bit you don’t need to be in Beijing to join – you can do it from anywhere*

To qualify you need to post 3 photos to your wechat moments each time you complete a ride during the challenge;


  1. A picture of your computer showing the distance travelled this ride
  2. A selfie somewhere along the route
  3. The firecracker 400 logo (the one above – hold it to save on smart phone)

Please tag #serkfirecracker400 in your comment

Take a screen grab and send it to us on wechat or mention @serkcycling


Prizes :

Everyone that completes 400km between  Sunday 7th – Saturday 13th will receive one of the following

Tacx Belkin Water Bottle or

Swift Carbon Cap


The male and female rider with the highest number of KM during the period also wins the following ;

1 pair of 25c Bontrager R3 tyres (value 594 RMB)

1 Bontrager multitool (value 78 RMB)

We will also award the following prizes ;

Best overall photo on a ride during the period ;

Serk Jersey (value 350 RMB)

Best Monkey themed cycling photo ;

Swift Nanopack (value 300 RMB)

Best “Firecracker up the $%$” themed photo ;

Serk Deluxe Tune Up (value 800 RMB)

Thanks to Swift Carbon and Bontrager for the prizes !

Ride period

Sunday Feb 7th – Sat 13th Feb

Please note trainer rides do not count !

*However shipping prizes to Mexico is not included