Serk Cycling Beijing

Thanks everyone for your efforts raising money for Australian Koala's over the Firecracker 400.

Please find below the follow up on the donated monies.


Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital

Anna Heusler (the cyclist who's instagram account when viral after she posted a pic of a koala climbing up her bike for a drink of water) decided that she would like to spread the donations that she received. We had pledged the funds we raised towards her campaign at Adelaide Koala Rescue. In the last few weeks Anna has been talking with 4 groups of koala and wildlife centres in Adelaide and decided it was best to spread the huge amount she raised (Approx A$60,000 - including A$7900 from the Serk Community) between all 4 groups and as such suggested we donate directly to Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital.


See Anna's post below ;



Donated Amounts

Please see screen grabs below of all the individual donations.

All donations were made to my WeChat account. At the start of the challenge on 31/1 I emptied all personal funds from account. At the end of the challenge on 10/2 I withdrew all funds - 37405 RMB


Amount Donated : RMB 37442.85

WeChat withdrawal fee : 37.41

Total : 37405.44

Paypal AUD exchange rate 13/3/202 : 0.2119

Total AUD : $7926.21


Please see below acknowledgment letter from Adelaide Koala Hospital -



Thanks again everyone for the amazing effort to not only ride but generate this amount of funds for our furry friends!

Last I heard the Koala's are banding together to raise some money to help us humans get out of this COVID-19 mess!!