Firecracker Challenge 2022


Ride 400km in 7 days
Run 100km in 7 days
Walk 40km in 7 days


Anywhere you are this Lunar New Year


Monday 31st Jan-
Sunday 6th
Feb 2022

The Firecracker is back for the 6th year!

The idea is simple – Serk challenge you to get out of your winter hibernation and start the Lunar New Year with a bang.

Over the official 7 day holiday period (31st – 6th Feb inclusive) we’ve set up the following challenges;

Ride 400km in 7 days
Run 100km in 7 days
Walk 40km in 7 days

This year again we will use the collective kilometres from the event to raise some funds for a worthy cause.

Serk has selected the Masaka Cycling Club (MCC) project in Uganda East Africa for this years funding goals again. Last year we successfully sent two high end Serk titanium bikes to Masaka. With those bikes Kato and Wasswa (Masaka riders) placed top 10 in the highest profile gravel race in Africa – The Migration Gravel Race. That amazing race result put them on the talent radar and they now have semi-professional contracts to race the most exciting gravel races around the world in 2022. These achievements have inspired new talent in Masaka to join the club and start riding. The MCC supports upcoming cycling talent in Uganda to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

The Firecracker fundraising aim is to supply 5-10 Serk Titanium race bikes for the 2022 season with a focus on increasing female participation in the club. This year you will see both Florence and Miria attending the Migration Gravel Race and we hope to encourage more young women to to take up racing on 2 wheels.


Fundraising Goals

5-10 Serk Titanium race bikes to the Masaka team development and race program. See more details on the bikes below.

To do this we’ll need RMB100,000 – 160,000. The donations will be put into a pool of funds that allow us to refurbish 10 Serk titanium bikes. The use of funds will be split between frame restoration, purchase of new group sets, wheels, bike finishing kits and the logistics to get the bikes to Uganda. It’s a big undertaking.

How does the fundraising work?

We ask everyone that participates in the Firecracker to pledge an RMB donation per kilometre you ride / run / walk. The amount per kilometre is entirely up to you – 0.25 RMB per kilometre x 400km = 100 RMB for example. If you prefer not to fundraise thats also ok – just get out there and exercise.

At the end of the Firecracker we will tally up your km’s and calculate your pledge and ask you to send us money via WeChat.

Challenge Rules

  • You must register on the sign up form at the bottom of the page including your donation pledge (can be zero)
  • Warm Climates
    If the average temp of your location is 10 degrees or over only 80% of kilometres count towards your total. So you’ll need to ride 500km or run 125km to complete the Firecracker
  • Indoor rides only count if Air Quality AQI is over 150. For every hour of indoor riding you can count 25km of cycling. If you are injured and can not ride outdoors then indoor activities count
  • For runners and walkers if Air Quality AQI is over 150 you can do an indoor exercise (eg Yoga). For every hour of indoor activity = 7km running, 2km walking
  • For your ride to qualify you must post the data into our database on a daily basis here. The cut off time is 7pm daily. By 10am the following day a tally of all participants and funds raised so far will be posted. If you miss the 7pm deadline your ride will be included in the following day tally
  • When posting your data your phone number must be the same each time you enter the data or our database will miss your km
  • Join our WeChat group to find out about daily Firecracker events, share photos, stories and special giveaways



All finishers of the Challenge will receive a digital finishers certificate free of charge via email.

You will also have access to other limited edition merchandise from Serk.


Access to a limited edition ‘year of the tiger’ Firecracker Serk titanium stem cap (see pic of previous year caps below). The cost of the cap is 90RMB  including shipping within China. This years design will come out soon!

Runners / Walkers

Access to a limited edition ‘year of the tiger’ Serk Merino wool cap or neck warmer. Merino Cap 150RMB / Neck Warmer 150RMB

Detailed images of these products will be shared in the WeChat group and orders can be placed at the end of the event.





The Bikes – Trade in your old Serk rim brake frame

Masaka have given us a list of 11 riders for the 2022 team and we are looking for 5-10 USED Serk  rim brake frames (A10) in the sizes below from our community. We can provide you with a trade in price on a new Serk disc brake bike if you are willing to trade in your rim brake Serk frame. We will refurbish your old frame, add on new components and wheels to create a race bike which will be used by one of the Masaka riders below.

To ensure your connection to your bike continues we will have your name and a QR code engraved on the bottom bracket. The QR code will link to a Serk page with a pic of you and hopefully a few pics of the bike adventures you’ve done – ready to inspire the Masaka riders to take that bike to the next level!

We selected titanium as our preferred material of choice because of its superior strength and vibration dampening properties. We build our bikes strong and we build them from the best available titanium alloys so they last. We believe that, as a brand, we have a responsibility to extract maximum use out of the raw materials. This is our first attempt at developing a system to maximize the inherent long term potential of the titanium material by refurbishing and re-birthing a frame that might otherwise have ended up gathering dust in the corner. We also believe that this is more than just material recycling but a continuation of life process. Our bikes bring joy, adventure, friendships, and we become emotionally attached to our machines for good reason. What greater gift to both bike and self to send it off to Masaka to inspire the next generation of African bike racers.

If you have an A10 rim brake frame you’d like to trade it in please contact us ASAP and we can discuss the offer depending on your frame condition and upgrade desires.

This project consumes a significant proportion of Serk’s available time and resources. We treat the Masaka project as a community philanthropic project. If there are any concerns relating to our management of the program we would be happy to engage the community in an audit of the program once the precise use of funds is complete.

Organised Events

If you’d like to join some organised rides and events by the community to help tick off the kilometres here are a few we are aware of as of publishing. More info will be released in the main Firecracker Group.

As of publishing we are aware of the following group rides / organizers (if you’d like to add your rides here please let Serk know)

Beijing : Serk New Years Day Brunch 

Tuesday 1st Feb East Hotel Indigo Mall. Contact @Serkride Yehong

Beijing : Hulu Indigo After Party

Sunday 6th Feb Hulu Indigo Mall. 19.30-22.00 First beer is on Peach! Contact @Serkride Yehong

Beijing : Firecracker Long Rides

100km+ is the aim each time. A special edition attempt for a strava art ride with a winter theme. Contact Lars or Berwick for more info Shanghai : Pudong Cycling

Pudong Cycling: look out for posts on Pudong Cycling & DP group chats :
1. lake and canal 250km
2. The Toilet Ride ( Shanghai CNY tradition) 150km
3. Tree lined Duishui Lake Loop
contact : Nick, Anil, Chris or Torsten Masaka : Uganda

MCC will be organizing Firecracker rides for MCC members!


Partners & Prizes

Thanks to the following partners for the 2022 edition:

Peach by Hulu.

Free soup – obtain one free soup (dine-in only) at a Peach Beijing outlet by showcasing a screenshot of your name in one of the Firecracker WeChat groups.

Prize – 1x Free TRB Songzhusi menu with wine pairing for 2 pax (Value: ~RMB 6,600): lucky draw prize for the finishers

Final Party – First beer free at the celebration party on the final day.

Arabica Roasters.

Random coffee prizes throughout the Firecracker event – keep your eyes on the group chat.