Ride 400km in 7 days
Run 100km in 7 days
Walk 40km in 7 days
Gravel 200km in 7 days


Anywhere you are this CNY


Thursday 11th -
Wednesday 17th
Feb 2021

The Firecracker is back for the 5th year! It's the FIVERcracker!

The idea is simple - Serk challenge you to get out of your winter hibernation and start the Chinese New Year with a bang.

Over the official 7 day holiday period (11th-17th Feb inclusive) we've set up the following challenges;

The Classic : Ride 400km in 7 days
The Gallop : Run 100km in 7 days
The Stride : Walk 40km in 7 days
The Dirty : Ride 200km on gravel in 7 days

This year again we will use the collective kilometres from the event to raise some funds for a worthy cause.

Serk has selected the Masaka Cycling Club project in Uganda East Africa for this years funding goals.

The club recently put out a call for 2 gravel bikes to enable some of Uganda's top riders compete in the Migration Gravel Race. The Migration Gravel Race is happening in Kenya in June. Some of the worlds top gravel riders will be duking it out with Africa's best on African soil over 4 days.

Serk have decided to sponsor at least one frameset to the club. Through the Firecracker we'd love to crowdsource the funds to build out the parts for this bike. If we can reach this goal Serk is committed to sponsoring a second frameset and crowdsource extra funds to build it out also.

If you've been following any of the African cycling stories you'll know that success in sport has real power to inspire hope and provide pathways to realise dreams. The Masaka team believe their riders have a chance of a top 10 finish provided they are on an equal footing equipment wise. We are keen to give them the best opportunity to do so.

If we can sponsor two gravel bikes to Africa, then two of Uganda's top riders will be able to compete with the world's best because they have access to equal level equipment fit for racing the gravel route.


Fundraising Goals

Level 1. 11,000 RMB
Serk Sponsorship : 1 x Serk A20 Refurbished Gravel Frameset
Community Fund-raising : 11,000RMB (covers the cost of groupset, wheels and parts - mix of new and second hand parts sourced off taobao/xianyu)

Level 2. 22,000 RMB
Serk Sponsorship : 1 x Serk A30 Refurbished All-Road Frameset
Community Fund-raising : 11,000RMB (covers the cost of groupset, wheels and parts - mix of new and second hand parts sourced off taobao/xianyu)

Total fundraising aim : 22,000 RMB

If we can achieve this aim we'll name each bike after the two members of our cycling community who passed away recently - John and Filippo. We'll etch a small tribute to each of them on the bikes to help inspire our African friends and provide a new lease of life for our lost friends adventuring across Africa.

Any additional amount raised over 22,000RMB will be sent to Fondazione IRCCS  “ISTITUTO NAZIONALE TUMORI” in Milan https://www.istitutotumori.mi.it. This institute was selected by Filippo's mother for donations. Later in 2021 there is a community plan to honour John with a seperate event - more news on that soon.

If any members of the community have gravel bike parts you’d like to donate or sell we will gladly consider. We need 12mm thru-axle wheels, seats, bars, stems, hydraulic groupsets (or part of). Any funds saved through parts donations will be donated to the above foundation.


How does the fundraising work?

We ask everyone that participates in the Firecracker to pledge an RMB donation per kilometre you ride / run / walk. The amount per kilometre is entirely up to you - 0.25 RMB per kilometre x 400km = 100 RMB for example. If you prefer not to fundraise thats also ok - just get out there and exercise. We also encourage you to ask your friends to sponsor each kilometre you ride, run or walk to help reach our fundraising goals. This is a fun way to motivate yourself to push further and achieve the goal both personally and as a community.

At the end of the Firecracker we will tally up your km's and calculate your pledge and ask you to send us money via WeChat. We will put all of the Firecracker funds together and use these funds to purchase the stated fundraising goals above.




  • You must register on the sign up form at the bottom of the page including your donation pledge
  • Warm Climates
    If the average temp of your location is 16 degrees or over only 80% of kilometres count towards your total. So you'll need to ride 500km or run 125km to complete the Firecracker.
  • Indoor rides only count if AQI is over 150
  • For your ride to qualify you must post a screen grab of the ride (from strava or your computer) with distance included to your WeChat moments. You also need to post an image from the ride and the Firecracker 400 logo below along with the hashtag #Serkfirecracker.  When you post the moment please mention @SerkRide so we register your kilometres in our database. No moments post no km. We want the event to grow over the years so this process helps to promote the concept!
  • Join the group with the QR code below to follow the action and hear about organised rides.


Finishing Cap

Finishers of the challenge will receive access to a limited edition Firecracker 400 stem cap (see pic below). This year we have commissioned a new factory to produce a super nice titanium cap. The cost of the cap is 60RMB  plus shipping. The price is a bulk price so you’ll need to pre-purchase on the form below to lock in this price.





Organised Rides

If you are in Beijing there are some organised rides by the community to help tick off the kilometres. More details about these rides will be released in our Firecracker WeChat group ;

Serk New Years Day Ride plus Brunch 240 RMB
Friday 12th Feb East Hotel Indigo Mall

East are putting on an awesome afternoon feast for us on Chinese New Years Day. From 14.00 to 17.00 we have the Feast restaurant booked for another awesome Serk ride plus food event. Price is 240 RMB for a semi buffet feast with choice of main meal.

Ride options :

100km New years loop (meet at 9.30am at 7-11 Old Serk)
50km New years loop (meet at 11.30 at 7-11 Old Serk)
50km Offroad loop (meet 12 noon Wagas Phoenix)

The Five Rings of Tai Niu 五环太牛
Friday 12th Feb or any other day.

Fivercracker. Five ring roads. It seems meant to be. Start your niu year by riding all five of Beijing’s ring roads. Choose your days, burn your rings. One at a time? All at once? It’s up to you. We have routes for you to follow to make navigation easier. A group will be attempting all 5 in one ride on Feb 12th, join them for as many or as few as you can take on - 太牛了! Owen is organising the five rings so please contact him for any questions and routes.

Retro Ride #9 - The Ox plus Brunch 240 RMB
Wednesday 17th Feb

Organised by Brendan and the Retro Ride group.

• Wednesday 17 February from Parkview Green FangCaoDi
• Two rides: long Ride 7am, fun ride 9:30am. Finish together FangCaoDi 11:00am
• George Wong: Bike museum guided tour 11:00am (limited to 40 seats)
• Awards Lunch: 12:15pm George’s restaurant

It’s time to buff up your lovingly restored classic bicycle for the first Beijing RetroRide of 2021. From what started as a pedantic niche, we now accept anyone who “identifies” with old bikes or clothes.

In affiliation with Serk’s 5th Firecracker400 and Hotel Éclat at Parkview Green, RetroRide is pleased to announce the following exciting news:

1. ‘RetroNutter’ riders will meet early at Hotel Éclat for a longer ride. The pace will be 27kph to 29kph and they will link up with the ‘RetroSocial’ riders on the road. 7am start.

2. ‘RetroSocial’ riders will start later. Just as enthusiastic as the Nutter riders, but with the focus more on relaxation and fun, Social Riders will start and finish at Hotel Éclat, having completed a shorter course which will be to the Summer Palace or Forbidden City and back. 9:30am start.

3. ‘RetroMuseum’ - the great, and late, George Wong curated, arguably, the best collection of vintage bicycles in the world and they are right here in Beijing. For anyone who has had the privilege to see them, it is a life changing experience. Hotel Éclat has generously offered to allow us to visit the collection after our RetroRide in order to view and appreciate these beautiful timeless relics. The George Wong collection is an out-of-body experience that you will think about every day for the rest of your life.

4. ‘RetroLunch’ – in recognition of the love of old bikes and the overlap this Serk’s Firecracker400, the RetroLunch will be at Hotel Éclat in George’s Restaurant. This event is limited to 40 people. The special price of ¥240 includes three courses and a glass of fizz and a donation to Masaka Bike Club Uganda. Places are strictly limited and will require pre-booking and full advance payment. We’ll be giving awards for best bike, best Retro Attire and best story worth telling from the event. Don’t miss out.

The hotel management have very kindly offered the use of their facilities for you to freshen up after the ride, if needed.


The details:


  • Date: Wednesday 17 February 2021
  • RetroRide Nutter: Departs Éclat at 7:30am. Distance: 65km
  • RetroRide Social: Departs Éclat at 10am. Distance: 25km
  • Return time: Both groups will arrive back at around 11:30am for the tour of the George Wong bike collection
  • Lunch: George’s Restaurant at 12 noon. Serk will release a booking and payment form for the event
  • Location: Hotel Éclat at Parkview Green FangCaoDi

We ride as a group. This applies to both rides.

You are judged on your equipment, not your athletic ability.  Relax, this is a social ride and meant to be enjoyable. Do wear warm clothes!