I’m In! Ride 1 report

Sunday was the launch of our first I’m In! ride.  I’m in! is a tool to organize group rides on days with the best air quality here in Beijing. We think that it is a revolutionary way of organizing group cycling events.  Instead of riding on set days of the week, groups will form on the days with great air. To find out more about the concept and join our special I’m in! mailing list check out this page.

On Sunday around 20 riders turned out for the combined I’m In! and Beijingroadcycling ride. We had a tandem with 2 adults and a child and 3 others for the slow group and the fast group had around 16 riders. The weather was perfect with an AQI under 50 at the start time and just over 50 by the time we finished up with a coffee at Jaimaica Blue.  Part from the record 9 flat tyres it was a very nice morning out !

If you’d like to join the mailing list for rides sign up below ;

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