JISU PK Winter Series


JISU PK Winter Series at serk.

Round 1 Saturday December 15th 2.30 pm – 8.00 pm
Round 2 Saturday Jan 12th 2.30 pm – 8.00 pm
Round 3 Saturday Mar 2nd  2.30 pm – 8.00 pm

JISU PK is indoor fun on a bike.
2 competitors. 2 stationary bikes and 30 seconds of furious pedalling. Race progress is projected on a big screen and first one to the post is the winner !
Race your buddy, race the bartender, race that cutie you’ve been winking at all afternoon.

The event is fun for anyone that can ride a bike. JISU PK will be a 3 series event at serk. There will be a raffle for all participants at the end of the series with the winner of the raffle taking home a SWIFT Attack Carbon Fibre Frame. The faster you ride the more raffle tickets you win !

We will have special deals on German beer 15 rmb all night (2 for 1) and we have some awesome prizes from our sponsors throughout the series.

Entry :

25rmb – includes a Qingdao Beer or a softdrink.

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Individual :

Series Raffle (to be drawn at the end of the series) – 1 x Swift Carbon Attack Frame RMB 9000 Value


Series 1 Swift Carbon : Dec 15th

1 x WTB seat RMB 500

3 x Selle Royal Classic Seats Value RMB 600

10 x Swift Carbon Caps RMB 50

5 x Ducas bicycle parts RMB 500



Series 2 CycleOps Jan 12th :


1 x CycleOps Bike Computer JouleGPS/PowerCal  –  Value RMB 2000

2 x CycleOps Bike Computer Power Cal Value RMB 1370

5 x Ducas bicycle parts Value RMB 500


Series 3 Tern March 2nd ;


Tern Link Uno Value RMB 3950

2 x Tern Polo Shirt RMB 200

5 x Ducas Parts RMB 500


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Riding Rules :

  • You must race seated on the bike.
  • Do not false start. 2 false starts and you are disqualified
  • In the case of a dead heat between riders with the same time the winner will be rider with the highest speed.
  • The race is 300m long.
  • Do not pedal backwards


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Individual Competition Rules :

  • From 2.30 – 4.30 pm will be qualifying. Line up to race and post your fastest time.
  • All riders will receive raffle tickets for the draw of the Swift Carbon Frame. If there are 50 riders and you qualify fastest you receive 50 raffle tickets, slowest qualifier receives 1 ticket, third fastest receives 48 raffle tickets. If there are less riders less tickets will be allocated.
  • The top 8 males and top 8 females with enter into the finals to win the prizes on offer.
  • The Finals will be run as follows ;
    Qualifying Final  : 1 v 8, 3 v 6, 4 v 5, 2 v 7
    Semi Final
  • For the grand prize, the winner of the female and male draws will race eachother. The female rider will be given a 13.4%/ 40m  headstart (this is based on the differences in male and female track World Record times over similar distances) to ensure an equal starting point physiologically.



Check out video of our previous JISU PK events here :