Ride 18

HHC Great Wall

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 92km
B : 67km
C : 52km


A : 1800m
B : 0899m
C : 0757m


A : 4/5
B : 3/5
C : 2/5


Saturday June 10
Sign in/Coffee : 06:00
Depart Serk : 06:30
Arrive Start : 07:45
Return Earliest : 13:30
Return Latest : 16:30



This weeks ride is a bit of a Great Wall Fest. We start the ride right by the Huanghua Cheng section of unrestored wall. A group will ride a nice loop from Huanghua Cheng up Sihai and continue on a loop around to Yongning and back via the Ming Tombs. B group will tackle the mighty Sihai climb and follow it up with a loop around Bohai and Mutianyu. C group will have a nice loop around Bohai and Mutianyu. Please note accurate routes are not up yet due to bad internet connections in Tibet. We are back on Thursday and will have full details ready then. For now use the usual distances and climbing details as estimates.

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