Special Event

Emperor's Brunch

with a bit of riding

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 80km
B : 80km
C : 40km
D : 40km


A : 0743m
B : 0743m
C : 0000m


A : 3/5
B : 3/5
C : 1/5
D : 1/5


Sunday June 11
Sign in/Coffee : 06:30
Depart Serk : 07:00 (80km) 8:00 (40km)
Arrive Brunch : 11:30


Beijing City

Did you know that the last emperor of China was a cyclist ? Legend has it that Emperor Puyi removed the doorsteps in the Forbidden City so he could do laps on his bike. We wonder if he ever took that bike out for an early Miaofengshan KOM raid ? We'll never know but we can be sure he had an Emporer's feast after he dismounted. We've teamed up with the amazing Temple Restaurant Beijing to offer a social ride to The Summer Palace and back to TRB's new Forbidden City restaurant for a brunch fit for an Emperor.

Their are 2 options for the ride.

A. Meet at Serk and ride out to Summer Palace and into the Xiang Shan mountains for a bit of climbing before returning back to the Forbidden City. Approx 80km

B. Meet at Serk and ride out to Summer Palace and back to Forbidden City. Approx 43km.

Temple Restaurant have put together an amazing deal for brunch. Set 5 course meal with wine pairings. If you haven't had a TRB experience before its highly recommended. One of the best restaurants in Beijing with impeccable service, mouth watering cuisine and unique views across to the Forbidden City. Pair that with a different wine for each course and a pre brunch jaunt on the bike and you have a perfect Sunday morning.

This is a great event to bring a friend along to that might not be a hard core cyclist. The ride to the Summer Palace and back is flat and easy !

Event Costs :

Ride plus Brunch : 650 RMB or 450 RMB with your Serk Ride Pass. Inclusive of 5 course meal and wine pairing.

Please note limited to 20 spots only. To reserve your place please pre-pay with WeChat or Alipay or drop into the shop and pay in cash.



Ride Registration