May Holiday Night Ride & Overnight Stay

It’s a long weekend this weekend – yay ! That means there is more time for riding but it also means big traffic jams in the mountains – boo.
As a result this weekend we will offer 2 rides ;
1. A night ride into the mountains and overnight stay on Saturday / Sunday (Night Ride/ Overnight Stay)
2. A city ride and late lunch on Monday. (Obentos Lunch Ride)
This ride structure is set up to ensure we are not stuck in traffic jams in the vans or riding on congested mountain roads.
Please see the info on the Night Ride/Overnight stay here. Info on the Obentos Lunch Ride coming soon.

Day 1. Saturday April 30th. Night Ride 90km
Depart Serk at 4.30pm for a fun group ride all the way to Tom’s mountain retreat. We will stop along the way for a light dinner in Huairou before switching on the lights and riding up the hill into the darkness.
On arrival enjoy a hot shower, post ride snacks and drinks.  We’ll gather around the wood fire and enjoy the usual post ride yarns well into the evening.
Day 2. Sunday May 1. 90km / 130km / 160km
Sleep in and then enjoy the Serk Special Breakfast and coffee. Three options for the ride back to the city (final route selection will depend on riders that sign up and weather)
Option 1 : 90km 600m climbing
Ride most direct route back to the city
Option 2 ; 131km 1400m climbing
The long way back to city via Dong Bei Kou and Sihai
Option 3 : 160km
The really long way back to the city. We will drive you from Tom’s place deep into the mountains and ride back to the city on a completely new route ! If we choose this option as a group there will an additional fuel surcharge of 40 RMB.

Night Ride – 
16.30  Meet at Serk. We will ride together as a group to Huairou.  You can leave a bag with supplies for the weekend in the Serk Merc and it will be transported up to Tom’s place while we ride.  Please note you need to bring your own sheets, pillow case and towel.
For safety its essential that you have strong lights for the night ride. We have bright front LED light (800 lumen) for 200 RMB and a bright rear LED light for the rear – 380 RMB. During the night ride we will ride together in a tight group for safety and security in case of attack by boogie monsters.
18.30 Arrive Huairou for a light dinner
20.30 Arrive at Tom’s place. Post ride snacks and drinks
Return to Beijing – Sunday
We will ride back on Sunday. If you prefer to ride less distance it is possible. The Serk Merc will be driving back to Beijing and can drop you off along the way to reduce your ride distance.
Max number of guests is 9. Rooms are dorm style. There are 2 double beds, 2 bunk beds, and 3 single beds. Couples have preference for the double beds. The other beds are assigned on first come first served basis.
350 RMB  +1 ride pass or 550 RMB if you do not have a pass.
2 organised rides
1 nights accomodation
1 Serk Breakfast
1 x post ride snacks – Cheese, crackers, fruit, chinese snacks
Drinks for the whole weekend – Local beer, coffee, soft drinks and fruit juice
Transport of your luggage and transport during the weekend
Does not include;
Light dinner in Huairou on Saturday night.  Limited to 9 guests.
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