If this is your first Serk Ride this is how it works !

1. Meet up point
Meet up point is usually Ditan Park South Area. We  meet on the south side of Hepingli Xi Road (和平里西街) at the north end of Yonghejiayuan (雍和家园). The coordinates are 39.951263,116.418338

This was the location of our old shop. We still use it as a ride start point as it is a convenient place to park and load the vehicles in the morning.


We meet up in the street in the area pictured below. The meet up time differs between seasons. Check the ride page for the exact meet up time. Leave plenty of time to get here the first time you come :-). If lost give us a call on 134-2647-4634 or 135-0122-5775.



2. When you arrive you will be checked in by a Serk employee.

3. Put your bike into one of the vans parked next to the footpath.

4. There is a 7-11 near by to get a coffee or any last minute supplies

5. When instructed get into the van with your bike in it for the journey out to the mountains.

6. You can bring a bag with you with a change of clothes and some food and leave it in the van while you are riding. When you arrive at the destination in the mountains please pack up your bag and make sure it is sealed. You may not be coming back on this same van. The vans leave at different times. The first 8 riders back will fill the first van and leave back to the city. Next 8 fill the next van, and so on till everyone goes back to the city. Our staff will move the bags out of the vans so that when you come back from your ride your bag will be ready to pick up.

7.  We do not stop for lunch in the middle of the ride so you'll want to bring some snacks to carry with you while you're riding and a bottle or two of water. Sometimes the group makes a pit stop at a shop along the ride but it doesn't always happen. Make sure you have enough water for a few hours of riding (usually 1 bottle per hour is sufficient). It is important to have a well balanced meal before the ride and snack in the middle of the ride to keep your energy levels up.

8. Bring sunscreen and don't be afraid to apply a lot!

9. If you are hiring a bike we suggest you come by the Serk shop on Friday to get fitted on your hire bike so we aren't monkeying around with it during check in time. If you can't make it on Friday then please come 30mins before departure so we can set you up and explain how it works.


We are happy to have you join us on a ride and we hope you have an awesome time!

If you have any further questions, contact @serkcycling on wechat.