Cycling Escape and Night Ride

Update : Night Ride and Cycling Escape are full. If you registered here previously or reserved your place via we chat you will here from us shortly.  Sign up to our newsletter to hear about the next event.

With the anniversary celebrations and the athletics worlds in town we are pretty much guaranteed blue skies and reduced traffic till the end of the month. We’ve put together this great event to take advantage of it !

We are combined two of our most popular events – The Night Ride and Cycling Escape.

You can choose to do both or just one the Cycling Escape.


The Night Ride 

The Night Ride starts at 7.30pm in downtown Beijing. We ride together as a group with high powered lights into the mountains of Huairou. The roads are virtually free of all traffic and the air is cool. Climbing and descending in the dark with lights is a bunch of fun. We arrive around 11.30 pm at a comfortable mountain house for a few drinks and an overnight stay.


The Cycling Escape

The Cycling Escape will depart from downtown Beijing at 6.30am on a bus and drive up to the Huairou mountains and join the Night Ride riders for a ride in the mountains. Choose from 40km, 80km or 94km (the route for the Beijing Laowai World Champs). When you return to the house we will have an awesome BBQ, some tunes and drinks. Enjoy the afternoon in the sun and return to Beijing via bus around 5pm.






Ride details.


Day 1. Friday Aug 28th Night Ride


Depart City – Yonghe Jia Yuan 19.30 pm

Ride Route – Jingmi Lu – Huairou – X009 to Wudaohe full route here – http://www.strava.com/routes/865985

Distance – 80km

Average speed – 25 km/h

Arrival time – 23.30 pm

Recovery snacks + drinks provided on arrival. Make sure you eat a full dinner before you leave city as no substantial food will be available till Saturday morning.

Breakfast provided in the morning – Coffee, oats, bacon and eggs



Day 2. Saturday Aug 29th Cycling Escape

Ride options are as follows ;

1. Moderate – Challenging. 39km. 2 hours of riding

While we call this the easy ride but it does involve 3 hills. The hardest one starts off straight away – 8km uphill from the start point. You’ve got all morning so if you have to get off and walk for a bit to enjoy the views and calm surroundings the hill will disappear in no time. Once over the big hill there is a short downhill and then a nice ride through some villages on the plateau. After 14km you turn right into a narrow road. Keep following this road to its end at the top of the hill. Turn around and come back. By the time you hit the final bends you’ll be able to smell the meat sizzling away on the BBQ ! Route map can be found here.

Geared bikes required for this ride. Road or Mountain bikes are suitable – bike hire available from serk.


2. Challenging. 72 km 3 -4 hours of riding

A medium length ride with lots of climbing and awesome descents. This is a challenging ride right off the bat with a 9km climb to start off. Then you’ll ride through some quiet villages on the plateau road before reaching an intersection and turning left and slowly winding up to the Dong Bei Kou summit. Turn around and enjoy the awesome descent and false flat climb up to the top of the final hill. Then its 8km or so on a fast downhill. Cold drinks and food await.

Check the route out here.

Geared bikes required for this ride. Road or Mountain bikes are suitable – bike hire available from serk.


3. Hard Core. 95 km 4 hours of riding

A long route with lots of climbing. This is the same route we will use for the Laowai World Championships so this is a good chance to check it out before the race.

Check the route out here.

Geared bikes required for this ride. Road or Mountain bikes are suitable – bike hire available from serk.



Night Ride

19.30  Meet at Serk. We will ride together as a group to Huairou.  You can leave a small bag with supplies for Saturday in our shop and it will be transported up to Huairou on Saturday morning with the riders for the Cycling Escape. Anything you need for the evening you will need to carry with you on your bike. Please note you need to bring your own sheets and pillow case. We also suggest a change of clothes and a small towel for a post ride shower.

For safety its essential that you have strong lights for the night ride. We will make a special order of  a bright front LED light (800 lumen) for 200 RMB and a bright rear LED light for the rear – 100 RMB. Please indicate your light order below. During the night ride we will ride together in a tight group for safety and security in case of attack by boogie monsters.

23.30 Arrive Huairou





Cycling Escape

6.30 am  Meet at Serk to pack vans and bus

08.00 Arrive in Huairou Mountains. Unload bikes and prepare for ride / visit toilet

08.30 Riders depart

12.00 Lunch  starts at the base house

11.00 39km riders return

12.00 70km / 100km riders return

12.30 95km riders return

15.00 depart

17.00 Arrive back in Beijing.




Night Ride

350 RMB

Includes overnight stay

Post ride snacks + Breakfast


Cycling Escape

550 RMB

Includes transport

Post ride BBQ and drinks

Changing and toilet facilities

If you organise your own transport the cost is 300 RMB


The Lights.

For the night ride you require lights – we can order them for you.


LED 800 Lumen light. Lasts 3 hours on full beam (i’ve tested it), up to 8 hours flashing (not tested). Includes USB battery pack and handlebar mount. The battery pack can also be used for charging other devices as it has 2 USB outputs. 200 RMB


Flashing LED 100 RMB
Design may differ from picture depending on availability






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