Special Event

Obentos Brunch

and wenyu river loop

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 80km
B : 80km
C : 40km
D : 40km


A : 0000m
B : 0000m
C : 0000m
D: 0000m


A : 3/5
B : 3/5
C : 2/5
D : 2/5


Saturday Oct 7
Sign in: 07:30
Depart Serk : 08:00 (80km) 8:00 (40km)
Arrive Brunch : 11:30


Beijing City

During the Golden Week if you are still in Beijing enjoy an urban ride and brunch.  Our host will be our favourite healthy eatery - Obentos. Obentos serves healthy Japanese food and is the brainchild of Andrew Stevenson - regular Serk riders and seriously good triathlete.

Andy has put together a unique shared menu for the Serk crew with a 20% discount. It's different to the standard menu so its something new to experience even for Obentos regulars. He has also included happy hour prices on Guanxi Pale Ale bottles (25rmb) for the whole day.


In terms of the ride there are 2 options (actually these events are all about the food and the riding just gives you an excuse to eat more)


A. Meet at Serk and ride out to the wenyu river for a loop.  Approx 80km

B. Meet at Serk and ride out to wenyu and back  Approx 40km.

This is a great event to bring a friend along to that might not be a hard core cyclist. The ride is flat and easy !

Event/ Food Costs :

Ride plus Brunch : 220 RMB if you are a Serk ride pass holder (it does not count towards your ride pass) or 250 RMB if you don't have a Serk Ride Pass. Inclusive of brunch.

Please note limited to 20 spots only. To reserve your place please pre-pay with WeChat or Alipay or drop into the shop and pay in cash.


Obentos Sharing Menu

Snacks 小吃

- Edamame with Sea Salt 毛豆配海燕

- Baked Lotus Chips & Wasabi Avocado Dip 烤藕片配芥末油梨酱

- Sesame Cucumbers 芝麻黄瓜

Small Plates 下盘

- Fresh Mixed Tomato Salad & Tofu 鲜什锦西红柿配豆腐酱

- Grilled Radish, Asparagus & Egg烤萝卜和芦笋配鸡蛋

- Seared Mackerel, Honey Soy Glaze & Pineapple Salsa青花鱼配蜂蜜酱油汁和辣菠萝沙拉

- Seared Tuna, Shredded Salad, Roe & Yuzu鲜金枪鱼生菜沙拉鱼子配柚子汁

Main Plates 主盘

- Organic Tofu, Potato Crisp & Gochujang烤有机豆腐土豆片配韩式辣椒酱

- Miso Salmon & Yuzu Cabbage Salad 味噌三文鱼配柚子圆白菜沙拉

- Chicken Meatballs & Smoky Tomato Miso Broth烤鸡肉丸子配番茄味噌汤

- Beef Tenderloin, Spinach, Mushroom & Yuzu Miso 烤牛柳菠菜蘑菇配柚子味噌汁

Dessert 甜点

- Yoghurt Panna Cotta, Red Bean & Black Sesame Ice Cream酸奶布丁和黑芝麻冰淇淋

- Black Rice, Quinoa, & Miso Banana黑米藜麦布丁和味噌香蕉

Drinks 饮品

- Arrow Factory Guanxi Pale Ale or Any Fruit Juice / Smoothie (Small)



Ride Registration