Serk Trip Ride Questionnaire

We do our best to try and group riders of similar ability and speed together for our trips and events. This helps things run more smoothly,  allows for more social interaction on the bike and gives everyone the opportunity to meet their personal challenge goals.

It's important for us to gauge your cycling level - both fitness / speed and also experience so we can ensure you are a good fit for the group of riders for the particular trip or event you'd like to attend.

The fitness level, natural ability and riding objectives vary greatly between riders we have catered for in the past. On a multiday trip the difference in speed between riders at either end of the scale can amount to hours on the road. This can mean that some riders will be forced to ride slowly so the slower riders can keep up and / or the slower riders have to push themselves harder than anticipated to keep up.

We've put together the quick survey below to get an idea of the type of rider that you are. We will use this to assess your suitability for the group that have applied for the particular trip you are interested in.

Please fill it in truthfully. If you overestimate your abilities and end up on the trip with all the fast guys/girls it will not take long for that to become obvious which in turn affects the group dynamics and causes stress all around. We want to make sure that all riders get the most out of each of the trips !


Comments or questions are welcome.

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