Yanqing Bling

Serk Cycling Beijing


A+ : 172km
A : 97km
B+ : 139km
B  : 078km
C : 056km


A+ : 2041m
A : 1683m
B+ : 1236m
B : 1424m
C : 459m


Saturday Sept 4
Sign in : 06:00
Depart : 06:30
Arrive Start : 08:30
Return Earliest : 15:30
Return Latest : 17:30



The Plus Rides are back!

The weather is suuuupppperbe so get out there and enjoy it. During September and October we will be riding our Best of Beijing routes.

The A+ and B+ rides are back to help you take full advantage of the conditions.

Yanqing is a little bit of a drive but the loops we have planned are definetely worthy.

A+ is a cracker of a ride - 172km and lots of climbing.

The  B+ route which is 139km and only 1236m of climbing making it an achievable distance for all B riders. There is also no time pressure on the + rides. You can take your time to get back and go at your own pace.

Please note the A+ and B+ rides do not have a ride leader and are unsupported. You will need to be able to navigate yourself and you'll need to bring your own tools / spare tube and pump. If you have a breakdown you will need to organise your own transport back to Beijing. We will of course do our best to help you with this process and if we are still in the area will support as normal. If you are not comfortable with being self sufficient then please stick with the regular supported A,B and C rides.


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