Serk Cycling Beijing

2021 Dates

April 29th - May 5th 2021

October 16th - 22nd 2021


7 days
5 days riding
350-450 km


Min : 1500m
Max : 4100m
Average : 2700m


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The Kham region spans the Tibetan Autonomous Region and Sichuan Province and is one of China’s less explored gems. The roads are flowing, the variety of scenery from start to finish is diverse and views and vistas are jaw dropping. Add in experiencing local Tibetan Culture and hospitality and you have 5 days of cycling heaven.

Its a challenging course with climbs up to 4000m and plenty of distance to ensure you receive some altitude training benefit!

This trip is optimised for a range of riders from intermediate to advanced. We have full support so if you'd like to reduce the distance / intensity you can get in and out of the vehicle. Want more? Plenty of extra roads to explore each day as well.

Day 1.

Arrive Chengdu

Fly into to Chengdu today anytime. We stay at 5 star Chengdu airport hotel, if you arrive early, you may explore the town a bit.  In the evening we start our 7 day Sichuan culinary adventure with a delicious meal and trip briefing.



Day 2.

Chengdu - Hailuogou

Up early for the 3.5 hour drive to Luding. From here we will ride towards Hailuogou into the mountains. We’ll follow a flowing river all the way to our destination - hot springs tonight!




New roads, snowy peaks and not much traffic. Cycling heaven!

Day 3.

Hailuogou - Kangding

We pass through the first high pass of the trip over 4000m riding through China’s biggest red stone park. We climb from lush forest up to the sparsely populated red stone landscape. A big day climbing with 2500m climbing and 78km.  Over the big pass, we arrive the Eastern edge of the old Tibetan region.



Day 4.

Kangding - Bamei

Our favorite backroad in the region. We leave the hustle and bustle of the thriving Tibetan town of Kangding and start heading along the picturesque road to Tagong. Here we'll stop for lunch, after lunch we tackle a nice climb wand then cruise along the tree lined road into the tiny peaceful town of Bamei.




67km of pure descending bliss.

Day 5.

Bamei - Danba

A longer day today of 109km. We guarantee this will be on the best days you will ever have on a bike. We start nice and early in the crisp morning leaving the picturesque town of Bamei and the grasslands behind. A few warm up climbs to get the blood flowing before the descent of a lifetime. 67km of descending all the way to Danba. Amazing switchbacks, rapid water flow, lush landscapes, rock formations and snow capped mountains in the background. This is cycling heaven.

Our destination is Danba – known as ‘the land of a thousand watchtowers’ as villages around the area are dotted with unique 500 year old watch towers up to 60m in height. Thanks to the good looks of the local women the area also has the reputation as “valley of beauties”.  For the girls you’ll have a chance to meet the Khampa men –  supposedly the strongest and best looking Tibetans !




Day 6.

Danba - Dangling

We are staying in the same hotel tonight and do an out and back ride to the picturesque Dangling area. The road was only recently opened and offers another roadside view of a fast flowing high mountain river. The route also takes in one of the most picturesque folk villages in China. We will follow along the river the rest of the day with special views to the steep mountains on either side of the valley. If its warm enough you can stop along the way and dip your feet into the cooling waters.

65-130 km


Day 7.

Danba - Chengdu

After an early breakfast we drive back towards Chengdu. We will drop riders off to Airport Hotel. Pick up your bike box and pack your bike before flying back home.