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Hot Spring ride Dec 04

Nov(Dec) Special Event THE HOT SPRING RIDE Soak up the end of a great season! Serk Cycling Beijing Distance Get hot – 72km Stay warm – 44km Gravel – 34km climbing flat as possible! difficulty 2/5 – 3/5 Time Saturday Dec 4th 2021 8.00am location Yanqing Winter coldness is such a big challenge for doing…

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Dec 11 End of Year Party

No Ride Christmas Party Hulu Indigo Serk Cycling Beijing Distance A : 0km B : 0km C : 0km climbing A : 0m B : 0m C : 0m difficulty A : 0/5 B : 0/5 C : 0/5 Time Saturday Dec 11 2021 19.30 location Hulu at Indigo Mall 北京市朝阳区酒仙桥路20号 2021 is drawing to…

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Oct 02 Pinggu

Pinggu perfect Serk Cycling Beijing Distance A : 105km B : 084km C : 041km climbing A : 1925m B : 1453m C : 0393m difficulty A : 4/5 B : 4/5 C : 3/5 Time Saturday Oct 2nd Check-in : 07:00 Depart : 07:30 Arrive Start : 08:30 Return Earliest : 13:30 Return Latest…

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Serk Titanium

titanium bikes for the frontiers Since 2014 we’ve been exploring the frontiers of Asia. From roads high in the Himalayas to the remote tracks of Kyrgyzstan we’ve ridden tons of kilometres in search of that “escape”. Frontier outlook is our DNA and drives our design philosophy. Our bikes incorporate the progressive trends in cycling while…

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