Shannon Bufton

Shannon is an Australian national with over 9 years experience in China. He started racing in his early teens and has always been passionate about the cycling and the role that cycling can play in liveable and sustainable cities.

In 2012 he co-founded Beijing Bike Week and 2013 co-founded the Beijing Vintage Ride.

He is also the co-founder of Smarter Than Car (www.smarterthancar.com) and organizes cycling events. Part of the role with STC involves undertaking urban research on Beijing’s bicycle culture. Shannon recently co-authored (with Florian Lorenz) a presentation on Beijing’s sustainable bicycle culture at the World Congress of Architects in Tokyo and co-authored a paper for the Austrian Planning journal Zoll – entitled Beijing’s pedal powered livelihoods as a muse for bicycle urbanism.

He writes for a range of cycling publications and is an advisor for the UCI Tour of Beijing.

Liman Zhao

Liman is a native Beijinger with 15 years experience working with fortune 500 companies in marketing and strategic analysis roles. She has worked and lived in Australia, Japan and the UAE.

She has given up her corporate job to start up Serk Cycling and promote cycling culture in Beijing. She is a lifetime urban cyclist and co-founder of the non-profit organization Smarter Than Car (www.smarterthancar.com). In this role she has appeared on TV and in print publications as a representative of a new wave of Chinese that are passionate and actively promote the bicycle. She was also a major speaker at Velo-City 2013 in Vienna.