The Three Parallel


Serk Cycling Beijing


22nd - 30th May 2021
6th - 14th Jun 2021


9 days
7 riding days
up to 750km
up to 10000m+ climbing


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Our newest route in the less explored northern and western area of Yunnan along the border with Burma.

The area is part of the formidable Hengduan mountain range at the eastern end of the Himalaya and is UNESCO World Heritage listed. Home to three major rivers that drain the eastern Tibetan Plateau (the Yangtze, Mekong and Salween) the area combines mountains with peaks over 6000m and deep valleys providing dramatic landscapes. Home to thousands of rare plants and animals living alongside precious ethnic minority groups the area provides a rich cultural and natural experience.

Serk take you deep into this mythical and unique region for an unforgettable cycling adventure.

Good Morning Dali!

Day 1.


We fly direct to Dali for the start of the trip. We'll unpack and assemble bikes. If time permitted, you can do a short ride around town to stretch the legs and check bikes survived the flight. Today is a free roaming day.



Day 2.

Dali - Lushui

We will have a brief at breakfast time, then we head out for little morning ride around Dali. We'll head out and explore the shores of the magic lake. After lunch we pack up and drive to Lushui from where we will follow the mighty Nu river for the next few days.



Ride along side Nu river.

Day 3.


Today we ride along the mighty Nu river all the way to Fugong. You'll snake through the lush valleys following the river upstream. This route is known as the most scenic in the region. The region is also home of many ethnic groups such  as Nu, Lisu, Bai, Pumi, Dulong. This is a rare chance to discover the hidden life of these minority groups.



The Nu River is the first of the three parallel rivers we will explore

Day 4.


Today we keep following the river to reach Gongshan. We kept following the Nujiang river to absorb the beauty of the nature with deep valleys and rolling mountains.


Up to 1300m

Day 5.


The remote village of Bingzhongluo. Only 35km from the Tibetan border this small hamlet was not accessible to vehicular traffic until relatively recently. We will ride to Tibet boarder and have a lunch stop at remote villages where was on route of old tea trading.  We will stay at Bingzhongluo for the night.


Up TO 600m

Songstam Boutique Lodge in Cizhong

Day 6.


Today we are heading over the mighty Biluo Snow Mountain road to Cizhong. The road took 10 years to construct and was only opened last year. It's a long climb and there is often snow at the top of the climb which tops out at close to 4000m. This road is sure to become one of the iconic climbs of China and you'll be one of the first to climb it. Cizhong is home to people of different faiths and ethnic groups. The main attraction is the 150 year old Catholic Church - a combination of gothic and chinese architectural styles. We stay in the Songtsam luxury boutique hotel tonight - one of the highlights of the trip.



Day 7.


We ride to Tacheng over Pantiange which is the highest rice growing area in Yunnan.  Then we decend to Tacheng - the home of the Yunnan Golden Monkey. This rare monkey species exclusively lives in the remote forests of south-west China and northern Myanmar. In Tacheng, you will also experience the harmony of different minority groups living together. 



Day 8.


Today we ride along the 3rd river Jinshajiang where you'll witness the spectacular 180 degree turn of the Jinsha river near Shigu town. This will be a fitting place to end our tour with some selfies and drone shots before we head to Lijiang for a celebration dinner.


up to 900m

Day 9.


Time to head home from LiJiang.


The planned route can be altered by Serk due to the actual road and traffic conditions and restrictions which is beyond Serk’s control.  However Serk team will endeavor to work  out alternatives to complete similar amazing routes.
Each stage climbing m is an estimate only due to inaccurate info on ride planning software for these regions.