Laowai Cycling World Championships 2016



Ever dreamt of being a World Champion ?

This October Serk presents the 2nd Laowai Road Cycling World Championships. Run on the weekend after the real UCI World Championships this is your chance to finally earn that coveted striped jersey. Its the biggest Laowai cycling event of the year and is a ton of fun !

Despite your weight, age, or the lack of exoticness of your bike you can still dream of glory in this event. We’ve evened out the competition with some special non-UCI rules to ensure that everyone has a fighting chance to win the jersey and the associated bragging rights for the ensuing 12 months. We’ve been working on a special “worlds algorithm” for some time – expect a bonus of half an hour or more if you are over 50 and a little on the heavy side.  If you are married with children you’ll also get a bonus few minutes. Now that jersey is within well within reach for everyone….

For the serious riders – don’t worry you’ll have your chance at glory too.

We will provide a specially designed country jersey for each participant and special Beijing World Champion jerseys for the winners (and the winners are expected to wear the jersey on every laowai ride for the next 12 months just like the pro’s).

The event will take place in Huairou Beijing and will finish off with a BBQ party and award ceremony. The start / finish line is right next to the venue so its perfect to bring the family along for a day out in the mountains to cheer you on !

Do you have what it takes to be World Champ ?



[learn_more caption=”The Courses”]

73 km Individual Mens Road Race – 1200m climbing – 2 laps of Liulimiao Circuit




50km Individual Womens Road Race – 820m climbing – 1 laps of Liulimiao Circuit






[learn_more caption=”Categories”]

Jerseys will be awarded to the winners of each of the following categories ;

Road Race Champion Men

Awarded to the Male rider that crosses the line first.

Its a handicap event so the oldest and heaviest riders get a head start. The skinny young guns start last.


Road Race Champion Women

Awarded to the Female rider that accrues the most points during the event.
Its a handicap event so the oldest and heaviest riders get a head start. The skinny young guns start last.


Road Race Fastest Time Men

The fastest mens time for the road race.

Road Race Fastest Time Women

The fastest womans time for the road race.

Road Race Champion National Team

Awarded to the Nation with the best performing riders in the Mens and Womens categories. Points are allocated based on the finishing positions of the top 4 performing riders in either the Mens or Womens Road Race.  The country with the highest number of points wins the team category.




Road Race Bonus Seconds category;

Bonus seconds will be awarded for ;

A. Age.

We’ve closely scrutinised World Records in the Elite and Masters Categories and Strava age categories and come up with a scientific formula to correct your finishing time based on your age. The older you are the more bonus seconds you get.

B. Number of years in Beijing.

The longer you’ve been exposed to Beijing’s air the more bonus seconds you get. We figure your lung capacity might have been reduced.


C. Married with kids

No time for training, no money to spend on the bike ? Now is your time to use the family and lack of training to your advantage. You’ll get bonus points for each child.

D.  Shit bike compensation

Every kg of extra weight on the bike slows you down on climbs – we’ve heard this excuse many a time. No you’ll finally be compensated for that shit bike and be able to climb up the leaderboard where you  should have always been. We’ve worked out how much weight will slow you down on the climbs on the course and we will provide the appropriate bonus time for every 500g your bike is over the 6.8kg UCI limit.

E. BMI over 25

Carrying a bit of extra weight on the body as well ? Naturally, bonus seconds for you too.

F.  Wildcard

Expect some wildcard categories to be announced on the day !



[learn_more caption=”Event Date / Time”]

Date : Saturday 22nd October 2016

Location : Huairou – DongBei Kou

06.00 Meet at Serk to load bus

08.30 Arrive at start location in Huairou

09.00 Sign in – Jersey collection, Weigh in, Dope test, Motivational music, Blessing from local Priest

09.30 First riders depart Mens Race

10.15 First riders depart Womens Race

12.00 First riders arrive at Finish

13.00 BBQ lunch & presentations

16.00 Depart for Beijing


[learn_more caption=”Registration Fee”]

Full Package

Early bird price 600 RMB (sign up and PAY by Sept. 16) EARLY BIRD CLOSED

Late entry price 750 RMB (sign up and Pay after Sept 16)  REGISTRATION FULL

*Rebates available for last years participants and Serk Ride Pass holders (see below)


Includes :

Event registration


Awesome Serk Cycling Jersey in your national colours (only guaranteed for early bird registrations). Late registered riders will receive a event jersey if National jersey is unavailable.

Venue Hire

BBQ lunch (Chinese Chuar style)

Transport to and from event


Does not include :

Drinks (sold at bar prices)



Rebates are available for the following ;

Self Drive instead of taking Serk transport deduct RMB 150

Use up one of your Serk Ride Pass deduct RMB 150

Recycle your country jersey from last years event (only applicable to 2015 participants) deduct RMB 100




[learn_more caption=”Registration Process”]

  1. Entries will be restricted to 100 riders so sign up quickly.  Registration full.
  2. Entry form is here.
  3. Registration fee must be paid to confirm entry.

Payment is via WeChat QR code on the sign up page or cash.

Refunds :

If you cancel your registration before Oct 1st refund is possible. No refund after Oct. 1st.