Wu Dao He Driving Instructions

Directions to Wu Dao He Village are as follows ;

The base camp is a house in this village. A picture is attached. The house is inside the village in the mid row of houses up the hill. Please park your car on the main road and walk up to find the house.
  • Take Jingcheng Highway G45 towards Chengde direction
  • Exit at #14  onto G111 towards Huairou township direction.
  • Follow G111 and then veer to the left towards Fanqi Rd
  • At the end of the freeway is Fanqi Rd.  (this part of the road is under construction so conditions change here regularly)
  • At the start of Fanqi Lu there is a lot of new road construction – follow your nose to get through this part.
  • Follow Fanqi Rd X004 into the mountains.
  • Continue on this road to go up the mountain. Once you pass the restaurant Shanba (山吧), can’t miss it with all the vendors offering horse rides, the road will start to go up and becomes pretty windey. Once at the top the road will start to go down and it will take roughly 7 minutes until arriving at Wudaohe village. The village is on the right hand side of the road on a bend to the left. Please note there is another Wudaohe village in the area which will show up on some GPS systems. This is not the same village – it requires you to make a turn off the X004