Winter Escape


Serk Cycling Beijing


27th Dec  2nd Jan 2021 FULL
3rd Jan - 9th Jan 2021


7 days
5 riding days
up to 470km
up to 4000m+ climbing


13,900 RMB

We are excited to announce a new 'getaway' series of trips starting with Tropical Xishuangbanna in the south of Yunnan. The formula is simple -  dial up the fun and dial down the hard core 'frontier' cycling. More chill, less watts and plenty of time to immerse yourself in the local culture. Perfect for partners and those looking for an easier trip to build up to one of our 'frontier' adventures.

This region of China is noted for its distinct culture, one unlike that of the Han Chinese. The people, architecture, and food more closely resemble those of the Shan, Dai and Tai peoples of nearby Thailand and Lao. The area is located in the South end of Yunnan so expect a more tropical climate making it an ideal destination in winter.  So let Serk take you out of deep winter to this tropical paradise for a 7 day getaway!

Get ready for some eye waveringly delicious local Yunnan Cuisine. You'll want to keep your photo stops to a minimum so you are first to arrive at the dinner table!



Day 1 Arriving Puer
Day 2 Puer-Zhengdong 60-96km
Day 3 Zhengdong - Yiwu 50-81km
Day 4 Yiwu - Mengla 50-94.6km
Day 5 Mengla – Menglun- Jinghong 50-98km
Day 6 Jinghong – Menghai - Mengjinglai 50- 100 km
Day 7 Jinghong departure

Expect to see some unique styles of architecture combining the styles in Southeast Asia and the Central Plains of China

We'll take time to explore the local villages along the route which don't regularly have tourist visits. Experience authentic village life and cuisine.

The region is one of the famous Pu'er tea growing regions of China - you'll see China's tea trade up close and have ample opportunity to sample a refreshing cup on the side of the road.

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