Yoga for Cyclists at SERK

SERK is teaming up with Yonnie Fung to bring you a yoga course specifically for cyclists.

Cyclists spend hours hunching their upper backs over the bike frame. The chest area is closed in, and the entire back is tight. Over time this puts a lot of tension in the neck, shoulders, wrists and lower back. The legs are locked into place, repeating the same motion thousands of times. This often creates stiffness in the hamstrings, hips and lumbar spine. It sometimes leads to knee problems. While cycling helps you develop lots of lower body strength, there’s often weakness in the back and the core, leading to imbalances that at best just feel bad, at worst, lead to long term injuries.

If you are a serious cyclist that’s hoping for longevity in the saddle, then you need to pay attention to addressing some of the imbalances that cycling causes in your body. And there’s nothing like yoga to help you address those imbalances.

In this Yoga for Cyclists class, Yonnie can teach you to :


  • Strengthen the back, open up the chest area and release some of the tension that accumulates in the upper back, neck, shoulders and lower back.
  • Build strength in the core, which is often weak amongst cyclists
  • Strengthen muscles surrounding the knee to prevent strain in the knees. It also helps you balance better in tricky terrain
  • Lengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, hip flexors, hip extensors and psoas, which are often tight amongst cyclists
  • Mentally focus so you can remaining calm under stressful circumstances – whether this be psychological or physical or both. These mental habits are useful whether you’re racing or climbing or on the finishing stretch of a very long ride.


In the short term, your body will feel better. You may find better endurance. That you’re able to pedal faster. But over the long term, addressing the body’s imbalances is smart and an important part of injury prevention.
Yonnie is Beijing’s only 500hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher. She studies anatomy and physiology with physiotherapists in Australia, and yoga therapy with a medical doctor in India on an ongoing basis. She is also a qualified lawyer. There’ll be no crystal gazing in her classes.

If you are interested in the course dates and times please send us an email – events@serkcycling.com

Price : Approximately 200 RMB per sesssion