Serk 2017 Cycling Trip Plan

Over the past years we’ve pioneered a range of trips to some of the best locations in China for cycling.

The confirmed trip plan for 2017 is as follows ;

Kham Cycling Adventure Sichuan (April 30th – May 7th )

A 600km cycling adventure through the Kham region of Sichuan. This region was historically part of Tibet and offers an opportunity to experience Tibetan culture and architecture along with absolutely spectacular scenery. Expect to be amazed by fast flowing rivers, snow peaked mountains, long descents and a few gut busting climbs up to 4000m.

7500m climbing
Min Altitude 1800m
Max Altitude 4270m

Serk Tibet Ultra Challenge Adventure (May 26th – June 7th)

The trip of a lifetime. Ride to Everest Base Camp on some of the highest roads in the world.
Tibet is one of the world’s greatest travel experiences.  Serk have taken the time to carefully craft an experience which will regularly stop you in your tracks and leave you feeling privileged to have explored this unique region before it completely falls into the clutches of modernisation.

We combine challenging and spectacular cycling with a selection of the most rewarding cultural and natural sites. Expect to be blown away with views of Mount Everest and a little overwhelmed when a bunch of Tibetan children run from their villages to high five you on the side of the road. Push yourself to ride up some of the highest sealed roads in the world and grin from ear to ear as fly down the other side of 5000m passes.

13 days
up to 880km
6450m climbing
Min Altitude 2900m
Max Altitude 5200m


Serk Tibet Challenge Adventure (July 21st – August 2nd)


Similar to the trip above but more focussed on enjoying the culture and landscape at a moderate pace. It’s still super challenging and you’ll be riding on some of the highest roads in the World reaching heights above 5000m elevation so its no walk in the park.

11 days
up to 570km
4200m climbing
Min Altitude 3700m
Max Altitude 5200m

Yunnan Colourful Gran Fondo (dates to be confirmed but sometime early November)

Join us for VIP treatment at the best multi day Gran Fondo in China.


Check out the videos of previous editions below.