Ride 8



Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 175km
B : 115km
C : 076km


A : 2740m
B : 2081m
C : 1430m


A : 5/5
B : 5/5
C : 4/5


Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd April
See detail below


Huairou + Miyun

Qingming Long Weekend ! It’s both a blessing (usually great weather and 3 days off) and a Curse (the worst traffic all year). The traffic is so bad these days that we are giving up on running a regular Saturday ride format for this weekend. Instead we are planning to drive up at night (when traffic is much lower) and stay overnight. Wake up early the next morning ride north away from the traffic and finish off with an early dinner the Paulaner at Kempinski in Yanqi Lake.

Timetable is as follows ;


20.00 Meet at Serk and drive to Accomodation in Huairou

21.30 Arrive at Huairou Farmers House for overnight stay


07.00 Ride from Accomodation to Tom’s House for a Serk Breakfast

09.30 Start riding - 76,115, 175km options

16.00 Finish ride at Paulaner Kempinski

17.00 Dinner and drinks

20.00 Depart Huairou

21.30 Arrive back in Beijing

The courses we have planned are absolutely spectacular and also designed to challenge each group to ride longer ! You’ve got most of the day so might as well make the most of it. We are planning to participate in the Beijing Sportive 100km / 200km challenge at the end of April so this is perfect training.

As we are providing overnight accomodation, breakfast and drivers are required for 2 days so there are some extra costs association with the ride.

480 RMB + use of 1 of your Serk Ride Pass or

830 RMB if you dont have a Ride Pass

Price includes transport, accommodation for Saturday night, Breakfast (coffee, Miss Muesli Biker Mix, Fruit and Smoothies) and support. Dinner and drinks at the Paulaner are not included (meals start from around 100 RMB See menu here.


Limited to 22 riders so book quickly !

No self drive option this weekend - but you can join us in the Serk vans.

Ride Registration