Ride 10

Yearning for


Serk Cycling Beijing


A+ : 150km
A- : 106km
B  : 071km
C : 055km
D : 030km


A+ : 2177m
A- : 1247m
B : 1094m
C : 0663
D : 0300


A+ : 5/5
A- : 4/5
B : 3/5
C : 2/5
D : 1/5


Saturday April 15 /
Sunday April 16
Sign in/Coffee : 07:00
Depart Serk : 07:30
Arrive Start : 08:30
Return Earliest : 13:30
Return Latest : 15:30


Saturday : Yanqing
Sunday : Changping

Our rides have really been growing in popularity so this weekend we are trialling a new format.

Saturday - Faster and longer for experienced riders
Sunday - Less fast and shorter distances for new riders


Due to popular demand we've introduced a new A- ride. This is a 100km+ ride aimed at those B riders that would like to challenge themselves with a longer distance but aren't quite up to the level of the fastest A riders. The fast A riders now have an A+ ride with more distance and climbing. Great training for the upcoming sportive on April 22.

This weeks route is completely new and explores a vast area of Yanqing. We don't visit this area often because of the unpredictable traffic on the Badaling Expressway so don't miss this one. It's a gorgeous route and is point to point rather than a loop. Self drive will need to find someone to drive there vehicle from the start to the end point or just ride an out and back ride from the end point.


On Sunday we will offer a regular C ride and a new D category. D is a super easy ride. Sign your boyfriend / girlfriend / Ayi up for this ride - its the perfect way to introduce them to the beauty of cycling. Easy course, out and back on a quiet road without much traffic. We'll include a training session at the start of the ride to help new riders learn all the quirks of riding road bikes.

SATURDAY Ride Registration is FULL. Space only available for Sunday