Ride 12

Beyond Beijing

2 day adventure

Serk Cycling Beijing


Day 1. Sunday
A : 114km
B : 094km
C : 046km

Day 2. Monday
A: 115km
B: 074km
C : 049km




A : 5/5
B : 5/5
C : 4/5


Sunday 30th April / Monday 1st May


Miyun / Hebei Border

We've already explored most of Beijing's best areas for riding so it's time for a new adventure over the border in Hebei. The sublime May weather and extended holiday period are perfect excuses for 2 days of riding. We will stay overnight on Sunday at a nice resort in the Xianjugu Nature area close to the Hebei border.

Sunday's ride will be a loop around a spectacular canyon in Hebei close to Wulingshan. There are some small sections of road that are a bit rough followed by long stretches of good quality concrete roads. Bring extra tubes as the Hebei roads aren't as good as the ones we are spoilt with in Beijing. The roads are totally rideable and worth it for the views !

Monday's ride will all be on the good roads of Miyun. We will do a series of loops north of our usual Miyun reservoir circuit.

Timetable is as follows ;


05.00 Meet at Serk and drive 2.5 hours to start point in Hebei

8.00 Start ride around Wulingshan area. 3 distances A, B and C.

11.00 - 12.00 B and C riders drive to resort. A riders ride to the resort

13.00 Lunch at the resort.

14.00 Afternoon hike in the scenic area or extra ride.


06.00 Breakfast

07.00 Ride from West from the resort for loops on the northern Miyun border.

12.00 Return to Beijing

16.30 Arrive back at Serk


As we are providing overnight accomodation and drivers are required for 2 days there are some extra costs associated with the ride.

880 RMB + use of 1 of your Serk Ride Pass or

1080 RMB if you dont have a Ride Pass

Price includes transport, accommodation (twin share) for Sunday night, entrance to Xianjugu Nature Reserve, coffee and support.

Hotel breakfast is included. Others meals are pay as you go.


Route Details - Day 1 Sunday

Route Details - Day 2 Monday

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