Ride 15


Serk Cycling Beijing


A : up to 120km
B : up to 095km
C : up to 050km


 A : up to 1500m
B : up to 1274m
C : up to 0888m


A : 4/5
B : 3/5
C : 3/5


Saturday Aug 1
Check-in : 13:30
Depart Serk : 14:00
Arrive Start : 15:00
Return Earliest : 21:30
Return Latest : 22:30



It's damn hot in Beijing in mid summer. Usually at this time of the year we take a break of a few weeks to wait for the summer heat to dissipate a little bit. This year we'll try and mix it up by try something new - a LATE AFTERNOON / early evening ride. That way you are finishing in the cooler time of the day rather than finishing in the hottest period. AND you get to sleep in on Saturday morning!

We will meet at our usual location in the city early afternoon and then drive out to Huairou and start riding from the KFC at around 15:15. The idea will be to ride 1.5 hours and then turn around and head back. We'll finish the ride off at a delicious Meizhou restaurant in Huairou not far from the KFC. Our vans will park there so you can load bikes in and go and eat as you return from the ride. For self drivers we will keep an eye on your bike and you can ride back to the start point after your meal. We will 'go dutch' with the dinner.

Time Line

13:30 Meet at Yonghejiyuan and load bikes
14:00 Depart
15:00 Arrive Huairou
15:30 Ride starts
17:00 Return Back
18:30 Arrive back in Huairou at Meizhou Restaurant
19:00 Meal
20:00 Depart for Beijing
21:00 Arrive back in city



Ride Registration