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Book success Thanks for booking a trip with Serk! We are looking forwarding to showing you a part of this extraordinary world!

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Serk Trips Sign up 2022

Personal Details 个人信息Full Name* First Middle Last Email 电子邮件* Mobile Phone Number 手机号码* WeChat/WhatsApp ID 微信账号名* Current residential city and country 现居住国家及城市* I would like to join the following trips 我想要参加以下日期的骑行团*Huangshan MarchTibet MayKyrgyzstan July/AugGansu July-1Gansu July-2Tibet Sep/OctDehong DecHiddenFirst trip with us ? 第一次和我们骑行么? This is my first trip with Serk EmailThis field is for validation…

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Hot Spring ride Dec 04

Nov(Dec) Special Event THE HOT SPRING RIDE Soak up the end of a great season! Serk Cycling Beijing Distance Get hot – 72km Stay warm – 44km Gravel – 34km climbing flat as possible! difficulty 2/5 – 3/5 Time Saturday Dec 4th 2021 8.00am location Yanqing Winter coldness is such a big challenge for doing…

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Oct 16 Baiyanggou

Ride 27 Baiyanggou-go — NORMAL — Serk Cycling Beijing Distance A/B : 082km B/C : 055km climbing A : 1409m B : 0828m difficulty A : 3/5 B : 2/5 Time Saturday Oct 16th Sign in : 07:30 Depart : 08:00 Arrive Start : 09:00 Return Earliest : 14:00 Return Latest : 15:00 — NORMAL…

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Superfly ride Sep 21

Sep Special Event THE SUPER RIDE SuperFly x Serk Serk Cycling Beijing Distance Super Long – 136km Super Fly (downhill) – 100km Super City – 86-108km climbing Super Long – 1790m Super Fly – 667m Super City – 0-600m difficulty 3/5 – 5/5 Time Monday Sept 21st 2021 6.30am location Yanqing / Changping Autumn season…

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South Yunnan

On this trip we dial up the fun and dial down the hard core ‘frontier’ cycling as we explore the western tropical frontiers of Yunnan. Over 60% of the land area is covered by tropical forests. Expect small flowing roads, warm weather and a great diversity of local culture. The perfect getaway from urban China.

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