Ride 19

Tour de Wall


Serk Cycling Beijing

Distance 距离

A : 105km
B : 74km
C : 54km

climbing 爬升

A : 1600m
B : 1400m
C : 1100m

Time 时间

Saturday July 14st
Sign in/Coffee 签到/咖啡: 05:30
Depart Serk 出发: 06:00
Arrive Start 到达起点: 07:30
Return Earliest 最早回到俱乐部: 13:30
Return Latest 最晚回到俱乐部: 16:30

location 地点

Huairou 怀柔

This week's ride is a bit of a Great Wall Fest.

We start the ride at the big intersection after the initial Ansi Road mountains.

A group will ride a nice loop from Ming Tombs to Yongning and then reach Huanghuacheng before finishing the loop. B group will go west for a smaller loop that packs in plenty of punch in an up-and-down profile. C group will do a smaller but nicer loop. Good amount of climbing also to spice up the 50km route.


这周的路线从安四路和怀昌路交界口开始 -- A组会从西南出发先向十三陵开始骑,穿过永宁之后到达黄花城,然后结束;B组也会向西出发,之后环绕一个大圈,其中有六个小山头攻克;C组会和A,B一起出发,但是提早拐弯绕一个更小的圈,但是也有足够的上下可以让你享受在山里骑行的乐趣。

Route Details 路线细节

Ride Registration 骑行注册