Ride 15

Death Valley


Huang Huacheng

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 127km Approx
B : 092km Approx
C : 044km Approx


A : 2100m
B : 1200m
C : 650m


A : 5/5
B : 4/5
C : 3/5


Check-in : 06:00
Depart : 06:30
Arrive Start : 08:15
Return Earliest : 15:00
Return Latest : 16:30



New route alert!

This week we are trying out a new route with time optimization and coffee in mind! We will start close to the city in Death Valley which is a short drive from the city (If you'd like to add some extra km its around 30km from Serk so you could ride there yourself). B and C group ride death valley and continue deep into the mountains. A group do a mammoth 127km route taking in our regular Ming Tombs loop and going all the way around the back side of Si Hai. A group will finish off with an awesome descent. B group take a long 92km route with half the climbing. At the service station they turn right and head towards Huairou and over to Mutianyu and up to Huanghua Cheng. C group will ride directly up to Huanghua Cheng after Death Valley. All rides finish at the bike cafe so while you are waiting around for others to arrive grab a coffee or a bite to eat!

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