Ride 1


Cobweb Duster

Serk Cycling Beijing


A : 110km
B : 080km
C : 064km


A : 400m
B : 130m
C : 120m


A : 5/5
B : 4/5
C : 2/5


Saturday, March 14
A: 08:30
B : 08:30
C : 08:00



For many of you that have been in Beijing during the COVID-19 outbreak the warm sun of spring and slowly loosening restrictions will be a welcome sight. We all still have some way to go in the fight against the virus so we are not yet resuming our full scale ride season. It's not socially responsible yet to meet in large groups.

However we have a simple solution to get out on the road to start building your fitness for the season ahead. We call it the 'Serk Stagger Ride'.

Idea is pretty simple. Start each of the groups (A,B,C) off in different locations and at different start times. Have an overlapping route so that over the course of the mornings ride A riders will catch B, B rides catch C and so on. During those moments of flyby pause for a few minutes, put your mask on and say hello to your fellow Serk riders. We suggest keeping groups to 5 riders or less - this should happen naturally with interruptions like traffic lights and pee stops etc.

Unfortunately there will be no post ride coffee gathering however we are organising a special Hulu food delivery to your home with a little cycling trivia game delivered together with your food! We will have a few prizes on offer for the trivia contest.

Meet up details and times are as follows ;


A Ride : Meet at Jamaica Blue 08:30 Depart

B Ride : Meet at 7-11 Old Serk 08:30 Depart

C Ride : Meet at 7-11 Old Serk 08:00 Depart


Routes can be downloaded here.

Please register for the ride below. If there are too many in a particular group we will split into smaller groups and stagger the start times.

Hulu Delivery :

Please scan the QR code below and get connected directly to Hulu's staff for your personal post-ride lunch order. Please let them know you are a Serk rider so they can include the trivia questions and a small extra gift in your delivery.

Trivia Contest : With each food delivery there will be a note from Serk with an interesting cycling fact and a trivia question. Once you've eaten your lunch read out that question on the groupchat and the first to answer it correctly will score points. Highest score for the afternoon wins a Hulu voucher valued at 200 rmb.